Sony PlayStation 4 Codename ORBIS is coming soon

If the logo below reminds you of all those awesome games you played/ memories you shared in past and if it gives you Goosebumps all over your body, then you are one of the many true fans of the ‘Sony PlayStation’.

The very logo defined the word ‘Gaming’.

Sony undoubtedly has best managed to continue this legacy, which started with the original PSX and then carried over by PS2 and then PS3. Now, Sony has decided to launch yet another masterpiece. ‘The PS4’.

Yes, the above logo might very soon be flashing on your TV screens once you get your hands on the ‘New PS4’ or ‘Orbis’, which is rumored to be the Codename for this new console just the way the new PSP was codenamed Vita.

Sony PlayStation 4:

According to trusted sources, the PS4 (codenamed ‘Orbis’) will be out in the summers of 2013! Sources have also revealed that ‘Select Developers’ have already received development kits for the PS4 at the beginning of the year; while newer and improved versions of this development kits have been sent out constantly. A much more finalized ‘Beta’ version will be shipped to developers by the end of 2012.

Tech Specs (The Good Part):

Sources have been stating that currently, the working hardware for Sony’s next-gen console includes an AMD x64 CPU and a Southern Islands GPU, with the console capable of resolution output up to 4,096 x 2,160, with the GPU featuring enough pixel-pushing power to comfortably support 1080p 3D gaming. Sony is also aiming to provide support for the latest 4K video playback standards in its Orbis console.

So what you can now imagine is a full fledged, highly powered and an awesome looking gaming console that will set a new benchmark in the world of gaming. The image below is rumored to be one of the most possible designs for the PS4:

Oops! (The Bad Part):

Now this is going to hurt a lot but we still have to wait and watch till the end to find out how much of it is actually true. So even though the PS4 is going to be a blast, there are a lot of things that might emerge as a roadblock in its success as a gaming console.

1. NO Backward Compatibility:

Sources state that the PS4 won’t offer backward compatibility and hence even PS3 games can’t be played on it and Sony leaks ‘No Plans’ of offering this feature.

Now if this is true, then a lot of people will have to hang on to their PS3s if they want to continue playing PS3 games.

2. Not compatible with used games:

It is believed that PS4 won’t allow used games to be played on the machine. It will have some sort of ‘Lock or Check’ that will stop used games from running on the console. So you ‘have to’ buy ‘Brand New Games’ either as Blu-ray discs or through PSN.

3. Compulsory PSN Account:

Now you can’t just buy a game disc and start playing right away. Why? The store has bought discs that ‘have to’ be locked to a single PSN account, where you can save your game data to your HDD or sync it so that you can download it later.

4. Internet Connection;

Yes, the PS4 needs a valid PSN account! It also requires an ‘Internet Connection’ to Start! So now it’s almost impossible to mess and fiddle with this console and get ways around it.

Personally, i feel PS4 is totally worth trying. Till then, let us keep our fingers crossed.

(Thanks to the sources from Kotaku)


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