Sony Playstation Vita – Initial Impressions

The portable gaming system from Sony (the early PSP) got most awaited update this year. Named as Playstation Vita, it is assumed as the most advanced portable gaming console till date and available in the stores now. Take a look at our initial Vita impressions.

The Good

Playstation Vita, a successor to Playstation Portable (PSP) has maintained the form factor and the sturdiness which makes it good to hold in the hand. The hardware build is superb making the analogue sticks, triggers, D-pad and the buttons firm and responsive enough for a game play. PS Vita features 5-inch OLED display which delivers much better graphics at 960 x 544 resolution taking it near to the Playstation 3 (PS3) graphics. Cherry on the cake is the decent 5-inch touch screen which makes navigation simple, without any need to play with those sticks.

Along with this, the operating system of PS Vita is perfectly designed, giving equal response to the touch as well as analogue controls. The user interface is quite simple, easy to use and very fast.

The Bad

The 5-inch console even failed in some of its aspects. PS Vita requires additional memory card to play games and run apps that isn’t included in the box. This means you will have to pay separately for the same. These aren’t the (MSPD) Memory Stick Pro Duo that you use in your PSP. These are totally new and different cards from Sony which are used in the PS Vita to avoid Piracy. Priced at,

  • 4GB: $30
  • 8GB: $45
  • 16GB: $70
  • 32GB: $120

The battery life is decent but not as good as its predecessor. It features both front and rear camera which do not impress us. The device is outfitted with a 0.3 MP camera which doesn’t even deliver a decent photograph experience.

The Vita is priced at $250 for WiFi variant and $300 for 3G variant, cheap? No its not! You forgot the hidden cost of the memory card which is must with the console. The cheapest memory card and a game in combination, cost you additional $70 taking the stock price to $300+. This console isn’t cheap as it includes hidden cost.

Should I Buy?

The eight generation console has made its way. If you are a potential gamer and love to game on the go, PS Vita is just for you. Others I’ll suggest not to go with this as it is not an essential gadget which you need. This big bar will find difficult entry into the pocket if you are coupled with the smartphone. Not so interested guys can stick to their Smartphone gaming instead, wait for PS Vita price to fall then.