Leaked specifications, pricing and availability of 7.5 inch Microsoft tablet in development

Microsoft is working to decrease the price and the size of its tablet offering as leaks suggest that it is developing a 7.5 inch tablet. The details were reported by NPD DisplaySearch Analyst Richard Shim to CNET.

Richard Shim told CNET, “From the supply chain side, we’re seeing the panel specifications, the touch module, the mass production schedule being made.” He further added, “Mass production is Q1 [first quarter] 2014. Apparently, pretty significant volume. Multiple millions.” He cautioned that production could start earlier paving the way for mass production to commence in Q1, 2012.

Microsoft Surface

The tablet will sport a 1400 x 1050 resolution screen having a pixel density of 233 PPI, which is quite respectable and much higher than the competitors Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad Mini. Shim added that it might take time for Microsoft as they are targeting to lower the price by employing techniques such as shifting panel suppliers for all screen sizes to get a better deal. Microsoft desires a touch screen that incorporates the touch panel and touch module.

Another rumor from Asia suggested that second generation Surface tablets will have a screen size between 7 to 9 inches with a related announcement expected in Build Conference in June. Both Shim and a Microsoft spokeswoman has declined to comment on pricing but another source adds the price will be kept under or around $399.

Shim also commented on the competitor Nexus 7 to be upgraded with 1920 x 1200 resolution sometime around mid year, which will be a significant improvement over the current 1200 x 800 resolution. Currently, the competitors 7.9 inch iPad Mini and Nexus 7 starts at US $329 and $199, respectively. Microsoft sells its 32 GB Surface tablet at $499.

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