Spread of VoIP services into new Global Market

VoIP services weren’t a global phenomenon until recently because of the lack of awareness and infrastructural support for it. With the passage of time however, things have started changing. Now, VoIP has become a global phone service and available in many countries throughout the world. Countries in Asia, particularly the South Asia, like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka etc have seen a stupendous growth in the number of VoIP providers there. Let us have a look at the reasons why internet phone service has spread there so quickly.

Rising phone bills

VoIP was earlier a technology embraced in fewer parts of the world, but when people globally recognized its ability to reduce their phone bills, they started switching to it. Making phone calls through cell phones and landline phones is still pretty expensive. This is one of the major reasons why people have started using VoIP other than the US and Europe. Internet phone service providers are now offering their services in Asia and other continents of the world too. And many people are scrapping their old landline phone in favor of internet phone.

Spread of internet connections

Internet wasn’t readily available in every part of the world. There were many issues which posed obstacles in widespread internet availability. The biggest problem was the lack of infrastructure as people were having dialup connections tied to the old landline phone. Now, fiber optic technology has started spreading everywhere, which has made faster internet much cheaper to afford at even reasonably higher speeds. This is one other important reason why now more and more people are planning to use the broadband phone instead of having the regular phone.

Rising costs of maintaining cellular networks

Cellular companies are trying to cut their costs in order to compete but the ever rising inflation and other problems have raised the cost of doing business. These costs are ultimately transferred to the phone users and their monthly phone bill increases. Landline phone networks have to rely on their pole and wire network to make and receive calls. Internet phone on the other hand bypasses this entire phone system by making and receiving calls using the internet connection instead. This reduces the cost of making phone calls many times. The same cost advantage is transferred to the phone users as well.

Global accessibility

Big VoIP providers like Skype, Axvoice and Vonage etc offer the facility to connect your phone from any part of the world. You just need your laptop or computer on which you have installed the software and you can use it anywhere in the world. You just need to have an internet connection to connect your computer to. There are no geographical bounds or limitations in terms of mobility.

Features offered

Big VoIP providers offer high value for money features to their customers without any additional costs associated. This is one other reason why so many people are switching to internet phone because they want to have more out of their phone at lesser cost. Landline phones are still not able to offer many of the advanced features that VoIP providers can offer them like anonymous call rejection, online account management, call forwarding, and blacklisting etc.

All these advantages have made internet phone a popular choice and you will see more growth of VoIP providers in the future as well.


  1. Yes this is a fact. Only businessmen switched to VoIP service in the beginning but with the passage of time, people have come to know that this service saves a lot of money in home also. This is why, many people have started to use voip service at home also and and I am quite confident about the future of VoIP in India.

  2. Actually VoIP service providers themselves are responsible for this situation. They introduced their service first to the businessmen. The advertisements gave an impression that this phone service was very useful for the business so business community switched to it quickly. However, now people have started to use it as a residential phone service also.

  3. Yes this is a fact that we can’t deny. Now a day, VoIP phone service is being used by nearly all the businesses. Every businessman is looking for a low cost VoIP phone solution. However, another reality is that VoIP phone is misunderstood as the business phone service only.

  4. We have to accept that. In India, majority of the VoIP users is limited to main Cities like Calcutta, Bombay, Dehli etc. However, I would disagree that only call centers are using the VoIP phone service. There are many other businessmen who have switched their infrastructure to VoIP phone service.

  5. This is a fact. In india majority of the VoIP users are related to call centers. Many US companies have opened their sales and after sales support centers in India. These support centers are using call centers. Besides that, in small towns, there are very few VoIP users.

  6. No one can deny that VoIP is goig to dominate market in future. However, until now, in countries like India situation has not been very encouraging. Most of the VoIP service users are related to call centers.

  7. Well this is a fact. Keeping in view the overwhelming popularity of voip phone service, experts of voIP have predicted that VoIP phone service will dominate the market in future and that it will replace all the land lines and mobiles until 2020.

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