Five Major Flops of The Tablet Market

An old Chinese saying “if you want to succeed, you have to make your own way, don’t follow anyone blindly”. True words! But it seems some Tablet manufacturers are in no mood to pay heed to this wisdom, or do not find it applicable in today’s world, when competing with rivals.  Apple when entered tablet market, changed the whole scenario and experienced success beyond measures. Other manufacturers, in quest to taste the same flavor tried to imitate Apple however, all their efforts turned futile. In this article let’s hunt those super flop tablets and the reasons for their collapse.

The Blackberry Playbook

When one looks at the hardware configuration of the Blackberry Playbook he will definitely say WOW! The machine sports a 1GHz processor and a 1GB RAM, 5MP rear camera and 3Mp front, 16,32, and 64 GB storage capacity, 7inch WSVGA screen, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many more interesting features.

Once you get your hands-on this device, it takes no time to understand why it has been such a lackadaisical thing. The Blackberry Tablet OS that runs on the Playbook has very few apps and the main bottleneck is it has no support for email and calendaring. The device was such a big burden for the company that it was forced to slash the price number of times, but for no avail. The icing on the cake is the non-ergonomic shape of the Playbook.

Blackberry has promised that the problems will be resolved in some part of the year 2012, but the main question that circles still is will RIM be able to survive till then.

The HP TouchPad

The second splendor, oh sorry, disaster in the tablet world is Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad. It too has a strong hardware and the OS is also home made. So, why it boomeranged the company, lets dig a little deeper to find out that big failure reason.

The software called the WebOS is the Operating System in the TouchPad. The OS promised to be more efficient and open than the iOS and more beautiful than the Android. Assuming this as all true HP bought it in 2010 for $1.2 Billion, so that,  it can after some modifications use it to its advantage. But the WebOS was not what it seemed from outward appearance. Several staff membersof the company admitted (off record) that the OS from the very beginning had little hopes to survive.  It neither had efficiency nor beauty, hence the debacle called the HP TouchPad.

Sony Tablet S

This name here might surprise our readers or even shock them because the Sony Tablet S came to the market with lots of hope and anticipation. The hardware was such a wow but somehow it did not fulfill the expectation. First the configuration, the Tablet S has 1 GHZ Processor, 1GB RAM , 16/32GB storage, 5MP rear camera, front camera, 5000 mAh li-ion battery, and Android 3.1 Honeycomb.

Superb quality stuff one might think and it is, indeed! However, the resistive touch of the capacitive screen is enough to kill the mood of a person soon after it is held. After that, comes the cheap material of the body which adds fuel to the fire. The remaining reputation gets lost due to hanging problem of the machine. In all, a dumb piece of technology. Good Bye Sony and Good Bye Tablet S! Users are happy with their iPad 2.

Motorola Xoom Tablet

When Xoom Tablet was launched it won several awards as it was seen as the potential iPad rival but after the fizz the cola was mere lemonade and nothing else. The Xoom Tablet lacks several things such as Adobe Flash, 4G, Expandable memory, and apps that are hard to count.

At this moment software crashes are not a novel thing to the Xoom and if gtalk is not behaving properly it is not your fault. One last thing the Xoom Tablet is very-very reflective as far as the screen is concerned in the outdoors. It behaves like a mirror, forget movies you cannot even read books outdoors.

Folks, Stay far from the Xoom, it will ruin your pocket and your tablet experience!

The Dell Streak 7

Dell tried not to lag behind in the Tablet competition as it missed some share of the Smartphone market. It launched a tablet called the Dell Streak 7 with the hope to achieve the same level of success as it has in the computer and Laptop world. But alas! The tablet lacked class and a maturity and result is evident—a BIG flop.

The seven inch tablet, in spite of its smaller size has a poor resolution (480×800) that makes everything watching on it a  burdensome task.  What gets more frustrating is the viewing angle; you cannot move your head even a little bit. To put it simply it is the worst display on offer at this very moment. The most troubling aspect of  Streak 7 is that it cannot be charged via a USB.  You are required to connect it to a plug. The battery has no juice. No doubt it succumbed to the market competition.

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  1. Touchpad is anything but a flop. It’s a great tablet with the best mobile OS. For a time it was the best selling tablet in the US and is still so popular it’s got an ICS port turning it into a dual-booting gem. All you have to do is spend a little time a WebOS Nartion to understand how popular it still is

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