Easy guide on how to start a free blog in WordPress

A blog is a place where you can showcase your writing skills. It allows you to express your thoughts, interests, and share experiences  with your limited friends or family members if you don’t like  overexposure of  Facebook and Twitter.

To start a blog is easy and free. A simple and quick guide to start your own blog on the WordPress is provided if you are not familiar with to it.

  • Create an account

Navigate your browser to WordPress.com and click the ‘Sign up Now’ button. Fill up all the required information. It’s a few seconds-minutes process and will pose no difficulty. After the completion of the procedure WordPress will guide you along the way. There are no start-up costs or monthly charges demanded by WordPress for signing up and is therefore absolutely free.

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  • Choose an appropriate theme or layout

To do this, look for an Appearance section that resides on the left-hand side of the screen, and selects ‘Themes’. There are 25+ high quality free WordPress themes. Browse the list  and choose the ripest one that will work for you and will seize attention of the readers.

  • Select the widgets

Widgets are small divisions of your blog that are assigned with some dynamic functions and display different types of information. For instance, there are widgets to displays recent posts, widgets to display links to your best-loved blogs, and widgets that allows reviewers to search your blog, etc.

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  • Begin blogging

Once you are stimulated to share your thoughts, click ‘New Post’ available in the ‘Posts’ column of the WordPress. A page will be made visible where you will have to cite a desirable title for the post and then input the main body of the post (blog). You can write directly in the textbox displayed or copy and paste the highlighted text strings from your word document in it. Both the options equally weighed.

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Tools to add keywords and categories are available too, making reader’s search easy. Once done, click on the Publish button to publish your blog post.

These blogs are hosted at wordpress.com. One can also use the WordPress blogging software for free and host a self-hosted WordPress blog.

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  1. I remember watching this tutorial a year or so back and at the time most of what Chris was saying was completely new to me. Watching it again was cathartic as it made me see how much we learn over time without even being aware of it. This is a very good tutorial because Chris shows that you can learn as you go and not worry about it. He has such an easy way of explaining the main features of WordPress and his love of what he is doing shows throughout the tutorial. Well worth watching.

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