Step by step guide for new Google Docs users

Google Docs is a data storage service offered by Google which allows its users to share, edit and save the documents online. It originated from the unification of two separate products, Writely which is web based word processor created by a software company and Spreadsheets launched as Google Spreadsheets.

Presentations, spreadsheets, documents can be created using Google Docs and can be saved to a local computer in various formats such as PDF, RTF, Text, Microsoft Office, etc.

Here is a step by step process to guide you on how to use Google Docs.

Get an Internet connection- to create a document in Google Docs you need to have an Internet connection.

Navigate the cursor to the URL bar- Enter the following address- and log-in using your Google account. If you are a first time user then simply create an account by clicking on ‘Create a new Google Account’.

google docs

Create new option under the ‘Google Docs’ heading- This option allows you to create a document, presentation, spreadsheets, etc. choose the desired format for your content and at the end save it using Ctrl+S.

 google docs

Renaming the document- As the name suggests it allows you to change the variable titles of the content. To rename a document, click on the ‘File’ button and select ‘Rename’. Enter the new name for the document and click on ‘OK’.

google docs

Tag the document: Use a keyword to describe the document. Google practices tags only and does not appreciate usability of the folders to organize the stuff. Choose multiple tags for the document to make the organizing work much easier.

Sharing the document- Google docs enable sharing of the document between the two individuals that bear a Google account. Select a document you would like to share and click on ‘Share’ (top-right). In an empty rectangular box that will be provided under ‘Add people’, enter the name, e-mail address or groups and click on ‘Close’.

google docs

Publishing the document- Under the ‘Share’ option ‘Publish’ option is rendered, so to publish your document simply click on ‘Publish to the web’. This will make the document visible to the populace.

google docs

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help you out!