Steve Jobs wanted to design an iCar

Steve Jobs was a man who was selflessly dedicated in making lives easy for consumers through technology. His ideas sparked up a change in the technological world and are now successful products in the form of iPods, iPhones, iPads etc. His was a sad demise. But before he descended for the heavenly abode, Steve Jobs had a few more ideas which he saw forthcoming from the Apple stable. Among them was the concept of an iCar.

According to Apple board member, Mickey Drexler, “Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.”

Had Steve Jobs stayed on and pursued his dream to put up an iCar, it would have been a revolutionary product given his previous success record. The car would’ve been something like a smart car, which automatically senses what the driver needs, listens to the commands and obeys accordingly and probably a lot much which only Steve Jobs could think of. And yes, the technology inside the car would of course come from the Apple think tank.

Steve Jobs

Apart from the iCar, Steve Jobs also wanted to revamp the TV culture by introducing the iTV on which Apple is rumored to be still working post his demise. Jobs had also worked with French designer Philippe Starck to architect the interior design of a yacht, a project that has since been taken over by Jobs’ wife.

Apple fans and tech enthusiasts would love to uncover the concept of the iCar which does quite sound interesting and it would be a fruitful step if Apple decides to carry on with this idea based on Job’s ideologies and vision.

On a different note, a more recent effort by Mercedes-Benz aims to integrate Siri, Apple’s voice assistant for the iPhone 4S in the company’s A-Class cars, enabling drivers to hand out voice commands to the car which in turn would obey them dutifully.