How to Make Pinterest Activity Invisible on your Facebook Home Page

In past few months Pinterest has hailed as one of the most used social networking site. The popular photo-sharing site encourages you to share and promote its visual pins and boards by connecting to other social networking sites such as Facebook. How? Pinterest has a feature an automatic posting feature that posts your recent Pinterest activity to your Facebook Timeline.

It is this feature that allows you to display your Pinterest activity on Facebook. that said, many of your friends might probably be following you on Pinterest and wouldn’t be interested at all to see the same content duplicated on Facebook. So, how does one stop showing his Pinterest activity on Facebook Homepage? Read this!

Make Pinterest activity invisible on your Facebook Home Page

Disable Automatic posting to Facebook Timeline feature

  • Log into your Pinterest account
  • Navigate the cursor to the top-right of the screen, click on the drop-down menu and choose ‘Settings’.

  • Then, scroll-down and turn off the ‘Publish activity to Facebook Timeline’ feature, if it is enabled. You have now successfully stopped Pinterest from automatically posting to Facebook.

Alter the App Settings from Facebook

  • Alternatively, one can edit the settings of the Pinterest Facebook app so that it only shows your Pinterest content to certain people, especially to the list of people you have created.
  • To do this, choose ‘Account Settings’ option from the drop-down menu of your Facebook Homepage.
  • Then, Select ‘Account Settings’ and finally ‘Apps’ on the left hand-side of your display.
  • Next, scroll down the apps list until you find Pinterest. Once found, click on it ‘Posts on your behalf’ section will be visible to you. Then, at its lower end just next to where it reads ‘Who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline?’ click on the ‘Friends’ box.

  • Select ‘Custom Privacy’ and a new window should show up on your screen. Here, you can manually enter names of people you would allow to see your Pinterest content. Additionally, you could enter name of the persons in ‘Hide this From’ box whom you’d like to hide your Pinterest content from.

Remove Pinterest Content From Your News Feed

  • If you would not like to see any Pinterest content even from the people with whom you are friends on Facebook, you can try this.
  • Find a Pinterest post and hit the small arrow on the top right, just adjacent to the pinterest post.
  • From the available options, select ‘Hide all by Pinterest’. This should make your news feed section a pin-free zone.

 Thus, with this, you can easily stop showing Pinterest activity on your Facebook HomePage.

Courtesy – Mashable