How to Stream Videos from a Laptop to a Digital TV

Tired of watching videos on small screen laptop? Switch to high definition T.V experience by following these instructions.


  • Laptop
  • Digital T.V

One of the following video cables,

  • SV video cable
  • VGA video cable (15 pin)
  • DVI
  • DVI-to-HDMI
  • Mini-to-RCA audio cable
  • PC-to-TV converter box

Step1-Connect video cables (S video cable). Most personal computers and digital T.Vs are equipped with ‘S’ video port. ‘S’ video cable features either 4-7 pins and pin holes. Check the laptop and TV for the inlets and make sure that they match the cable.

connecting laptop to a tv

Step2-Use VGA (Video Graphics Array) cables (15 pins) for older variants of TV as it produces a better picture quality. Mac laptops support VGA cable connection. However, they require either DVI (Digital Video Interface) or DVI-to-VGA adapter to connect VGA cable. To establish a connection, turn off your laptop and TV, and look for a trapezoid shaped VGA outlets on your laptop and TV. If found, connect them via VGA cable and turn on the power button.

Step3-You can also connect the two machines with a DVI video cable but only new laptops and new HD television sets are equipped with DVI ports. Some Mac laptops require mini DVI-to-DVI adapter for DVI connections.

connecting laptop to a tv

Step4-If your HD television lacks a DVI connector use a cable that has HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) on one end and DVI on other end to connect your laptop.

connecting laptop to a tv

Step5-Link up the audio after you have connected the laptop to a TV via a video cable. Connect the mini RCA cable from the headphone jack of your computer to your TV.

Step6-If the above methods fail then the final option is to go wireless using a converter box and software that comes with it. With the help of a VGA cable, plug the converter box into your TV and install the software on to your computer. The converter box will convert VGA signals of the computer and transfer both audio and video to the TV.

Step7-Adjust the display settings. Mac laptops automatically adjust for ‘Double display’, if you encounter any failure, navigate the cursor to ‘System Preferences’, click on ‘Displays’ then on ‘Detect displays’ and select the resolution.

connecting laptop to a tv

connecting laptop to a tv

Step8-Push the ‘TV video’ button of your remote control and wait until your laptop indication comes up. You are now ready to watch all the videos and image files on your digital TV in style.

 connecting laptop to a tv

Check out this video on the subject.