Download New StumbleUpon iPhone App

StumbleUpon for iPhone is a pretty sleek site browsing app that takes its roots from a popular web browser add-on. Simply put the app lets user browse websites randomly, hence it’s a site discovery application that will be most useful for iPhone users who are fond of discovering new sites to explore.

StumbleUpon for iPhone carries the same function as its web browser counterpart like user create an account, and then from user account user can start browsing and reading websites suggested by StumbleUpon’s engine randomly. When user encounter a particular site that user want to bookmark so user can easily “stumble” the site and it will be automatically shared to user StumbleUpon network.

The app is a great way to learn about new places as every time user open the app, the parameters will recommend a new site, video, picture, or news article that should fit the things that user like. Every time user clicks Stumble, the app will also refresh the app page and show user new things that user can look at to help user pass the time.

The way the App works is that it bases things off of user ratings. This means that when user stumbles, user will only see pages that friends and like minded users have recommended for user to see. Rating sites that user like helps the app learn more about user preferences and shows more relevant sites and content that user will end up liking.

This helps user discover great content on the web that user will never expect to find otherwise. The applications replicate the core experience of StumbleUpon on the web, featuring a prominent “Start Stumbling” button that links to a piece of content that users can either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to, alongside likes, reviews and sharing options. This includes photos, Flickr, YouTube and news, making the discovery experience friendlier for the mobile screen and connections.

The app is very simple and clean with an elegant look to it so user can browse and find information that is truly relevant to what user want to see. If the screen is not fresh, simply click the stumble button to bring up new content that can fill the page and make it easy to see what is going on. The app will give user a preview version of the page it has recommended, or user can change the settings within the app to always show the full version of the page so that user can start reading the content user want immediately.

The app shows User Tube videos, photos, flickr, news and other things that user is interested in when user open up and access the app. This is a great companion app that helps user to find things that user like and want to learn more about.

StumbleUpon for iPhone is a free app and it only consumes 1.7MB of user iPhone storage. StumbleUpon for iPhone aims to throw user a lifeline and let user maximize user mobile web browsing experience the user iPhone.