SWYP – A Super Simple Touchscreen Printer Concept

Whoever said, “Sky is the limit”, had not perceived that technology had the capability to break all barriers. So what’s the latest technological innovation that’s turning heads? It’s the SWYP A Super Simple Touchscreen Printer!

Short for “See what you print“; this concept printer from Artefact has a pleasing personality to go with the multi-touch touchscreen that seems to be the USP for the printer. Surprisingly, the SWYP printer is more like a printing canvas where you can see the image or document you need to print and even edit any area or aspect of the image or document right there and then. Now isn’t that useful?

SWYP – A Super Simple Touchscreen Printer Concept

The SWYP touch screen printer shows how your final print will look when printed on an A4 sheet and believe us – it doesn’t come with any other support software or hardware. All the hardware is present in this neat and compact printer.

SWYP - A Super Simple Touchscreen Printer Concept

Pros and Cons

The state of the art SWYP touch screen printer, almost the size and shape of an A4 sheet bundle, comes with a lot of expectation and it would be right to say that this product has so far not let anyone down. But of course, exceptions are always there!


  • Innovative printer design
  • Full touch functionality
  • Compact and takes less space
  • Wireless connection capability with PC and Camera
  • Direct drag and drop from Flickr



  • It offers color options in CMYK and not RGB
  • No On/OFF button

Main Features

The SWYP touch screen printer is a 21st-century printer that has been created using radical simplicity and thoughtful innovation. Some of the top features include:

  • Simple, ingenious, and innovative paper tray and has been created based on the origami concept
  • Ink icons in the form of CMYK buttons when pressed fades the actual interface of the printer and reveals the current ink levels and printing paper information
  • The SWYP touch screen printer is compatible with Standard PC monitor (CRT) and most digital cameras
  • It starts as soon as the paper tray is opened
  • Wireless connection to camera or PC
  • It can be directly connected to Facebook or Flickr
  • Printing margins, colors, and scaling can be edited directly on the interface using the touch-screen functionality


Hardware and Images

The SWYP touch screen printer comes in a neat and compact package with subtle black color. It is devoid of standard printer hardware.

SWYPSWYPSWYP - A Super Simple Touchscreen Printer Concept


Not yet available since this is a concept upon which several great products should emerge.