Symbian Belle to be Rolled Out on 26th Oct – Nokia Confirms

Till now, you must have been seeing lot of blogs and forum posts claiming that Symbian Belle, a new operating system update will be launched by Nokia soon, but not a single post could answer when. Well, now Nokia has finally confirmed that their next update in Symbian series of operating systems will be unveiled on 26th October, so by the time you will be reading this post, Belle would be running in the heart of many upcoming Nokia devices such as 603.

Symbian-Belle-Nokia OS

So from 26th onwards, all devices running Symbian Anna will be able to upgrade themselves with the new Belle. Users can upgrade their device OTR i.e. over the air or using OVI suit. But before we start using this very update, let us explore more about it. Before talking about its features, let us watch them visually first.

Some of the features, which Nokia has promised to deliver, are as follows:

  • A fresh new user interface.
  • Interactive live widgets to be in touch with the world, always.
  • Choose from thousands of applications to make your phone, really personal.
  • Select your software updater to be up-to-date.
  • ‘Tap and share’ feature for sharing pictures, videos and contact cards effortlessly.
  • OVI maps with free global drive and walk navigation.

So as we can see, these are some really wonderful features which are about to be rolled out with new Belle. Although these are some really interesting features, the feature for which most critics and pro users are waiting is NFC. The feature will let two users using Belle devices to transfer data just by tapping them together. NFC can also be used to access information and benefits from any NFC tags placed in stores, just by tapping. You can surely see the extent to which NFC can be used, in next video.

All devices running on Symbian Belle are required to be equipped with a processor clocked at minimum 1 GHz frequency. So one can say that, it is Nokia’s attempt to catch up with Windows Phone 7, new OS from Microsoft for Windows based phones; which also requires similar hardware configuration. The Belle software will eventually become available for other Nokia smart phones like N8, E6, E7, C6-01, C7 and X7.

After looking at bundle of features provided in Belle, other companies are sure to feel the hit in market rising.