Tablets Comparison Made Easy – Top 10 Tablets Comparison Chart

Worried which tablet to buy? Comparing various Tablets? Have too many browser tabs open? Or maybe you are not getting enough information from the official website? Here is our Top 10 Tablets Comparison Chart to help you out!

The year 2010 brought an awesome invention in the history of mankind! Yes, they are Tablet PC’s! After the popularity of Apple iPad, most electronic device making companies of this world started working on Tablet PC’s and this led to the start of tablet wars. Due to the release of a Tablet almost every month this year, people got confused and finds trouble in deciding the right Tablet for themselves.

So, to sort this problem out for gadget lovers, we have prepared a top 10 Tablets Comparison Table, in which we have thoroughly compared the following Tablets:

Top 10 Tablets Comparison Chart

1. Apple iPad 2: This super sexy, Aluminum molded, iOS powered Tablet is surely a dream of every human. Buy Apple iPad 2 on Discounted Price.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: This is a killer Tablet, surely all factors considered while manufacturing. Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch.

3. Motorola Xoom: Great entry into the Tablet world by Motorola, performing as smooth as silk! Buy MOTOROLA XOOM Tablet.

4. Blackberry Playbook: Business Players! Here it is, the only thing you always needed after your Blackberry Smartphone. Buy Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet.

5. HTC Flyer: Cool Tablet for Cool users! Maxing out the performance and killing the tasks! Buy HTC Flyer 7inch Tablet.

6. LG Optimus Pad: This is smart, totally smart! Got something better than the other players in the WAR! Buy LG Optimus Pad.

7. Dell Streak 10: Better computer makers came up with better Tablets! Yes, it’s going to be a sure HIT! Buy Dell Streak Tablet.

8. HP TouchPad: Web surfing was never been so perfect and so easy, TouchPad brings an awesome surfing experience! Buy HP TouchPad on Discounted Price.

9. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer: It’s convertible! Use laptop or tablet as you wish with super awesome performance. Buy ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.

10. Viewsonic ViewPad 10: Single core! Dual OS! First ever multi-boot operating Tablet! Buy Viewsonic ViewPad 10.

For in-depth tech specs, pricing and comparison, have a look at our exclusive chart:

Top 10 Tablets Comparison Chart


  1. Ok. I’m so very new to tablets, and don’t know which one to get. All I want it for is texting,,email,,games and reading books. I go on cruises a lot and will be taking my tablet to read books on. Ships charge an arm & a leg to log onto their service. I want to play games offline and read books. Help me out here,,PLEASE

  2. You didn’t mention the Toshiba Thrive! It has full usb 2.0 and HDMI port. And a replaceable battery. Well, in my opinion, I think it is better than HP or Dell.

    1. I’ll soon refresh this table and add upcoming tablets along with user mentioned. Thanks for reading :)

  3. Hi Varad: I have been comparing tablets online and the different opinions on various sites is really starting to confuse me and was hoping for some advice.
    I will avoid the ipad2 at all costs but am interested in the xoom,asus eee pad and the samsung galaxy and would appreciate your view. I have an asus lap top and are leaning towards that.

    Any information would be great.

  4. Hi Varad: I am looking into a Tablet that can access Microsoft Word. I was looking into the Samsung Galaxy (I know the I-Pad doesn’t) but I can find any real info on it.

    1. Since you want MS Word to run on a tablet you should opt for Windows Based tablet. If you can wait, wait for Windows 8 tablets or right now you can go for Viewsonic ViewPad 10 as it runs Windows 7. You can easily install and use MS Word on that.

  5. Hi Varad: Any opinion about the Herotab M6 8GB 1GHz Android? I’m looking for something on which to watch YouTube videos, send/receive e-mail, update my ning site … iPad didn’t cut it for me, especially on YouTube … Any help is appreciated!

  6. Hi Varad: Any opinion about the Herotab M6 8GB 1GHz Android? I’m looking for something on which to watch YouTube videos, send/receive e-mail, update my ning site … iPad didn’t cut it for me, especially on YouTube … Any help is appreciated!

    1. Yes, looking at your use you can surely go for Herotab M6 8GB. iPad does support YouTube with an official app. But iPad will cost you more than Herotab M6 8GB.

  7. This is really amazing. A must have cheatsheet for all the geeks out there.
    Great work Varad!

    Thanks a lot for these useful stuff.

  8. YES! Thank you so much for this; I’ve been wondering for weeks which tablet I’m going to purchase (I hate Apple, so I’ve been trying to find out about all the other brands). This is great!

  9. Really like your chart would be nice if the sections were sortable but its good to be able to look at all 10 of these together at the same time, good work

    1. Archos 101 is perfect for its price. But don’t expect any heavy performance from it. Though its 1GHz, it runs on Android 2.2 and resolution is pretty low even to run 720p videos.But looking at the price factor I’ll stay quiet and won’t say anything. You can also consider Nook Color if you can.

  10. Yeah Nice Post Varad. An easy comparison chart will really help a newbie very much. A perfect time-saver

  11. curious about a windows 7 tablet, sure it could possibly just be the desktop OS. I certainly could consult that search engine but I clicked this silly link and started typing.

    1. Well I think you should wait for Windows 8 to arrive. It will be first OS by Microsoft which is really going to be Tablet-Friendly. Windows 7 is good but not made for tablets

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