TAG Heuer to launch Racer, an exclusive boutique Smartphone

TAG Heuer manufactures sports watches and chronographs. The Swiss luxury watchmaker has now stepped into the phone market with its newly developed Android Smartphone – TAG Heuer Racer Smart Phone. The Smartphone certainly looks stylish, well designed and is finished to perfection.

It is folded with latest technology and is covered with carbon fiber metal. The metal covering gives the phone a sturdy feeling when held in hands.

I am sure you must be wondering now, is the Racer all about looks? Absolutely not! TAG Heuer Racer boasts some good hardware features too. For instance, it is powered by amazingly high speed quad-core processor and runs on the latest version of Android OS viz, Ice-Cream Sandwich with a new customizable 3D interface.

Besides, TAG Heuer Racer has elements of Titanium in it and coating of rubber along its edges that makes it completely shockproof.

Although there is no word on the pricing yet, it is believed that the TAG Heuer Racer Smartphone will go on sale in July with an eye-popping price of  USD 3,600. The phone will be available through TAG Heuer boutiques, luxury mobile boutiques and selected watch and jewelry retailers.

This is not the first time we have come across such highly priced gadgets and none of them have been able to impress buyers. Though the Smartphone has been crafted with elegance and decorated with exotic elements TAG Heuer Racer looks just looks beautiful in the showcase shelves. I, personally feel the idea of luxury Android Smart phone is an insult to the concept behind Android.


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