4 Little Funny iPhone Apps You Must Try

While searching for some iPhone apps, I found these 4 hilarious apps and thought of sharing them with you. These are the funniest apps around and you should give them a try.

Amazing Free Pickup Lines (iPickupLines), Price: FREE

This app is designed and developed for all who want to be ladies’ men; but aren’t actually at all good with the ladies. iPickupLines is a free app, which gives you a large variety of chat up lines from the desperate “Can you please make my day?” to the cringe inducing, “Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here.”

This app is so hilarious, when you meet that girl who you are going to grace with your masculine words. You need to glance at some of good iPickupLines from your iPhone to be ready to start an easy opening line to chat with her. If you are not good at act being funny and cheesy, well then probably you will end up being slapped to the moon if you use these lines.

Sleep Talk Recorder iPhone app, Price: $0.99

As you know, talking in sleep is sometimes funnier and sometimes horrible. If someone in your family or room-mates tells you that you talk in your sleep or if you want to show the proof of your other half’s sleep-talk, this is the app you need. Sleep Talk Recorder will monitor and record any vocal noise. So by simply setting the recorder on your iPhone, you can record your own or your partner’s vocals while sleeping.

Sleep Talk Recorder app consists of a sleek interface with individual settings for sensitivity and filtering and an easy navigation history that saves your recordings and sorts them on a timeline, night by night. And if your talk is so funny or brilliant words, then you can post that clip of sound or any previous funny clips to sleeprecorder.com, Facebook or Twitter for some tons of laughs. You can listen to thousands of other funny sound clips of sleep talking, posted by people around the world and you can vote and rate for your favorite. Try this to and see how funny “Sleep Talk Recorder is.

TightWire iPhone App, Price $0.99

This could be very funny to watch a fat guy struggling to balance at hundreds of feet above the ground in the centre of a major city on a single tightrope. TightWire will keep you laughing for hours by showing this fat guy (dressed in a wacky loose green t-shirt and jean suspenders) balancing 3D type of game.

TightWire is very challenging though but very addictive. Totally accelerometer based, TightWire is a constant battle of a fat guy against realistic gravitational pull. You can save the score locally and post it globally. This app is worth the money you pay, which is a cheapest way to bring laughter in your face.

Talking Tom Cat, Price: FREE


This app is perfect for those who are young at their heart, and for rest of the normal people this app can look like immature and bit lame. This FREE app is funnier than you think. You say anything to Talking Tom Cat and it will repeat whatever you say to him. You can sing, shout or even talk to him.

Along with the talking with Tom Cat, you can also pet him to make him purr, poke his head, belly or feet, grab his tail, pour a glass of milk for him, make him to scratch the screen. Isn’t it funny? You can even record videos, save them to your library and upload them to YouTube & Facebook, send as MMS or send them by email. If you laugh loudly, then it will also laugh at you!

So, tell me how funny these apps are according to you? If you know about more such Apps, Do share them with us!