The Elastic Phone (Concept)

It has been predicted that in the next ten years PC’s will be redundant and they will be replaced by Mobile phones. The signals are already here as almost everybody with the means is ready to jump onto the Tablet bandwagon. Another new concept which will be unveiled in the months or years to come is the Elastic Phone.

As the Mobiles have revolutionized computation so will the Elastic phone revolutionize Mobile Communication?

The Elastic Phone (Concept)

Elastic Phone.

The phone, conceptualized by Sung Chin, basically comprises of an electronic rubber band which can be wrapped around the phone to serve multiple purposes. So, the same phone acreen can act as a Gaming console, media player or can be used for messaging. Another useful addition is that the touch screen has a fully capable QWERTY keyboard which does not obstruct the screen.

As the pictures illustrate, the rubber band is at the forefront of this innovation. It can be wrapped around to function as a keyboard or as the number pad for mobile phones. It will provide users with dual functionality. Thus the keys can be shifted to one side while we watch a movie or can be used for gaming or they double up as QWERTY keyboard as we type away an SMS to our near or dear ones.

And yes, this is not just a concept but successful prototypes have already been developed, and it is expected that in the years to come these combined with tablets will be replacing the PCs.

What do you think of this concept? While the foldable phones have become a reality, can something like this also become part of the future? Maybe one day we can have bands with a virtual display for everything including video and audio calls. Let us know in the comments.