The Invisible iPhone

Really this sound good, if it’s possible for me to unlock my iPhone and launch my Mail app without even looking at my phone. Patrick Baudisch, professor of computer science at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, and his colleague are working on imaginary phone prototype system that would let you do such actions without even holding the phone. Basically, the idea is that with your iPhone in your pocket, just by moving a finger around on your empty palm to control your phone.

Unfortunately, the technology is in developing phase and the current implementation requires a bulky camera to be mounted above your head (it’s similar to the one used in Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox), and with the help of Wi-Fi, the signals can be transmits to another device. But the eventual the concept relies on a depth sensitive camera observing your tapping and sliding actions on a palm and allow you to control things with just a few motions.

Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry of MIT who developed this gesture based interface called SixthSense. According to Professor Patrick Baudisch and his associates discover that iPhone users could precisely control the position of two-thirds of their apps on their hands, without even looking at their iPhone.

This is not a first time professor Baudisch introduced something like that but in previous year Baudisch and Gustafson developed an interface in which a wearable camera captures motions that an individual makes in the air and decodes them to sketches on a monitor.

Check it out the invisible iPhone actions video


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