The Lenovo Thinkpad X1: ‘Xperience it’

Lenovo very recently announced the Thinkpad X1 laptop, the thinnest and most rugged Lenovo laptop till date. With Lenovo promoting it as the “Perfect Marriage of Form and Function”, it is no exaggeration of the truth. What more can you expect from a laptop giving you around 10 hours of battery backup while also being one amongst the thinnest laptops thus promoting mobility to the hilt.

The thinnest Lenovo laptop

Backed up with a 2.5 GHz second-generation Intel Core i5-2520M processor, the 13″3′ Lenovo X1 runs on the Windows 7 OS weighing around just 3.6 pounds. In fact the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 can basically stand up to anything you put it through, within reason of course. Built from magnesium alloy with an interior roll cage, the ThinkPad X1 employs Corning Gorilla Glass where even dragging a key across the laptop’s display causes no harm with no scratches etc. This shows the rugged power of this laptop.

Finally here is a laptop about which you can ‘boast’ with a 4GB DDR3 RAM and 160GB SSD storage option. Mind it, it isn’t HDD but an SSD. Whats the Difference? ‘Bing’ it. Its 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery gives you a battery backup feasibility like never before where you may want to sleep the whole night and upon waking up the next morning, your Thinkpad X1 will be running loud without the need for a battery charge.

This priceless beauty also comes with cool security features in order to protect the privacy of its ‘owner’ like the Fingerprint reader. Its ‘seducing’ features like the Intel HD Graphics, 4-1 Card Reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB port, HDMI output etc. keep you enchanted with its aura. And for once, you may make a kill to buy this machine weighing around JUST 1.36 kg! Yes you heard it right! 1.36 kg with 10 Hours of battery backup. So have you visited the online buying sites or still about to draw you ‘plastic card’ from your wallet? :)

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