The new Vizio Tablet! Smart yet affordable.

Is 2011 going to be the year of tablets? I guess so with Vizio, the leader in producing inexpensive, pretty good TVs making foray into the world of tablets. Yes you heard it right. Very soon you shall be able to play with an 8″ Vizio Tablet smoothly placed between your numble fingers.


It definitely isn’t a killer device at a killer price. Nor is it over-priced or lacks important features. Though it wont blow you away, it will keep you satisfied with the basic  specifications coming at this price, managing to hold on to your smile.T

This 8 inch tablet is modestly priced, decently featured and maintains an above-average performance. Packed with a 1Ghz processor, the Vizio tablet comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, providing an SD card slot for external storage upto 32GB.

Running on the Android Gingerbread OS, the Vizio Tablet has got a 1024×768 display screen which is fluid, glossy and a pleasure to watch movies on.

The Vizio Tablet has some nice touches, like an extra side speaker to ensure property stereo sound from both landscape and portrait grips, and—far more importantly—an IR emitter, which lets the device babble to your TV (and accompanying AV gear), potentially putting it on a home theater pedestal. And yes, you can also sway in the TV world thanks to support for the VIZIO APP SUITE, jumping into the land of televisions that run apps.

If you hate going after the big brands and want a decent fully functional tablet at your disposal, wait for the Vizio tablet, expected to hit stores next month and be a happy Vizio tablet user.

Available at $359 from next month,  click here for more info.