The Nokia C7 – Preview, Prices, Tech Specs

With the margin of competition raised to a higher bar in the mobile market, Nokia is tempted to release cost-effective devices especially targeting the youth. The Nokia C7 is one such device. Termed as the successor to the highly popular Nokia N8, the C7 runs on Symbian ^3 platform and is suited for fast-paced individuals who want multiple facilities in a single device.

The impressive list of features makes the Nokia C7 stand out among others and radiate Nokia’s creativity and style.

Armed with a 680Mhz ARM 11 processor, the Nokia C7 is amazing in its performance with an average battery life talk time of 9.6 hours with power save abilities. It surely is a big thing in the digital needs coming with 8gb as internal memory and 32 GB externally. Even a novice can now capture high quality photos/videos thanks to the impressive 8 Megapixel camera and easy handling options.

Proudly beaming a sleek look and a mesmerizing finish, the phone can be described as a curvy and pebble-esque phone with a 3.5 inch AMOLED display screen, very much similar to the Nokia N8. The shiny big screen and scratch-resistance ability is ideally suited for today’s youth.

The Nokia C7 has got important connectivity features including Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth through which it aims to define the meaning of this ‘Global Village’ in a more definitive manner. Users can connect with their online presence including indulging in Social Networking 24*7 thanks to its excellent web browsing facilities.

The curvy structure is a hit among the female users who love such gadgets with a womanized feel. Available at all leading mobile stores, the Nokia C7 is priced around US$ 350 (INR 16,000-18,000).

If you want a mobile device which fits in your pocket perfectly, is equipped with all the latest features and looks pretty cool, then you are definitely game for the Nokia C7.

Buy one and be a part of the ‘Connecting People’ scenario.


  1. @Qureshi, Was your piece a brand new one or bought in ‘second-hand’ fashion ?

  2. my nokia C7 mobile fell down in water, as per nokia care centre mother board burned out.
    let me know how much the price of mother board & its replacement cost.
    this mobile purchased just TWO months ago.
    Looking your favourable reply.

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