TheLastRipper, streams tracks and dumps them as MP3s! is the best online music service till date, there’s no doubt about that! Everything about it from radio, to playlist and the tags is just awesome. It can easily be called a music lover’s social network. With 40 million+ users and 50 billion+ scrobbles ( calls songs played on your profile scrobbles) submitted to date, it is uber popular I must say! We all know about the scrobbler and the streaming radio service, but whats your idea about a nifty little application that not only streams the songs but also stores them on your hard disk?

I have no idea whether it is legal or not, but TheLastRipper does that, and quite nicely I must say! The songs first play on the application and then they get stored on the HDD of the user. At the first launch of the application, you can edit the preferences of the application and enter your login details. You then have to select the destination directory.Then after few moments, the application starts. Me, being a rock fan started off with 30 Seconds To Mars and I must say that the experience was just great. The application does a good job to stream songs and its faster than the stock scrobbler. The bad part about it is that it doesn’t scrobble the songs to your library. The best feature of TheLastRipper rectifies the problem faced by many nations of the world, the fee takes to listen to radio on desktop after the 50 track limit present in many nations. In fact, it is absent only in USA, UK and Germany. This application just bypasses that limit somehow! TheLastRipper is fast and tiny in size, at just 250Kb, much less than official scrobbler.It plays all type of stations, including library, recommended, artist, similar artist, tag, neighbour….Just awesome I must say.

TheLastRipper is lightweight, quick and comes with a bundle of advantages. There’s nothing to hate here, except the scrobbling issue. But the bundle of advantages it comes with has a long list too! I definitely recommend this one! Last but not the least, the application is cross platform too!

Download: Tar.gz | Windows  |RPM | Deb | MacOSX.

Happy Listening!


  1. I seriously doubt that TheLastRipper by passes the 50 track limit, if so it’s definitively not intentional… TheLastRipper uses an old API for, so that might explain it, but to be clear it’s not an intentional feature…

    Also, I’m surprised it still works, I had bug with TheLastRipper years ago, and it haven’t been updated since… Maybe the bugs in mono which caused this got fixed…

    1. Yeah you’re quite right Jonas. The Software hasn’t been updated for years. I’m not living in US, UK or Germany but I heard atleast 100 songs on the player but I got no error messages. If the problem is still there, just apply a proxy from

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