Thunderbird: Customizable email Client for Linux

There are number of email clients available for Linux but Thunderbird is undoubtedly the best email client for Linux. With multiple email client support and other glorious features it makes a cake sure to bite. Other highlights of the program are easy setup and a better UI.

Though Thunderbird may not do something off the track, there are few features such as threaded conversation view, tabbed browsing and multiple layouts etc. which are considered as handy and make Thunderbird hold the crown for best email client. You can also install multiple add-ons to enhance its functionality according to your needs. If you have your mails lying in Outlook then you needn’t worry, it has got a good importing ability too. For instance, you can import address book, Outlook PST files or skin to give it any look. Its influential search feature won’t let you go through the pile of mails accumulated over time.


  • Supports multiple POP and IMAP accounts for your multiple email addresses.
  • One-click address book adding.
  • Easy account setup with the help of account wizard.
  • Multiple viewing options.
  • Attachment reminders.
  • Open Source, you can customize it the way you need.

Gone are the days, when you had to switch to Evolution for better desktop integration. Thunderbird, being more customizable has taken over everything.

Evolution too had a nice interface, some functional add-ons, etc. Besides, being a default email client on Ubuntu, it became a necessity however, we just feel that Thunderbird does a little better than it.


If you want a real time email client on your Linux desktop, then Thunderbird is a sure choice to go. Features like multiple viewing options according to your convenience, built- in junk filtering, powerful migrating agents etc make it opt over any other email client.