Is this right time to sell your old iPhone?

Apple is reported to announce the next generation iPhone next month. Before completing the 1st year of iPhone 4S, this new iPhone will be showcased by Apple.

According to the reports, Apple may hold an event on 12th September to announce the new iPhone. The pre-orders along with the handset launch are set for 21st September.

That’s approximately a month ahead from now. With the launch of next iPhone, the price of current along with the old generation iPhone’s will tend to fall. So this calls for a question, when is the right time to sell your old iPhone?

When is the right time to sell your old iPhone

iPhone 5 launch will be most benefited to iPhone 4 users who had an agreement of 2-years contract. As their contract is already over, they are free to sell their old iPhone and get the upcoming latest one.

I will highly recommend iPhone 4 users to sell their device and get hands on the highly anticipated iPhone 5, of course those who are willing to go for it. For iPhone 4S users, I’ll suggest to wait until the iPhone 5 is announced as for them is iPhone 5 really necessary.

With the phone coming right next month, this is the RIGHT time to sell your old iPhone to make right cash from it. All the willing iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users can make hard cash out of their devices if sold right now.

Market doesn’t seem to be tough at this moment (2 weeks before the announcement). Once the next iPhone is announced, the resale value of the old iPhone will slash down and instead you will have to sell your device at the buyers demanded price.

Those who have signed the 2-years contract with iPhone 4S, sorry it seems like they need to wait for another year. Where as those with 1-year contract with iPhone 4S need to wait for two more months, until the contract period is over.

This will be the first time in Apple’s history where they have launched two phones in the same year. This can make it clear that, Apple is launching iPhone 5 considering the iPhone 4 users.