Tips to convert AVI format into DVD format

If you are bored of watching movies on your undersized laptop screen in AVI format, switch to DVD experience of your television set. AVI is acronym for Audio-Video Interface, a multimedia format. With the advancement in the technology a better version of it sprang up named as DVD- Digital Video Disc. The difference between the two is that the latter, offers a superior quality audio and video in comparison to former.


AVI format can be commuted to DVD format with the help of software (converter). A converter is a video conversion utility that modifies your AVI files into DVD. Invariably choose a converter that supports multiple formats such as Mpeg, Mpeg4, DVD and not just AVI. Consider recommendations from tech-savy friends too.

Gun-points to remember for choosing a converter;

  • Ease of use

A converter should be miscible with your transitions. You should be able to tailor a large number of elements without delaying the timing between picture and sound.

Take a trial of free software/ converters available on Internet but these have a short life and choke-up after few uses.

  • Transitions as per your liking

Purchase a converter that has customizable interface. There are advanced settings available if you need the desired output, fast preview mode permits user to check file is loaded properly and converted correctly. You can give titles and chapters of your choice on your final CD then.


  • Codecs for conversion

The desired converter must not pose complex conversion programs however, it should endorse the screen ratio of 16:9 (for wide screen) and 4:3 (for regular television sets) to give a delightful experience. Software applies certain codecs to convert AVI codecs to DVD format. codec is a program that reads files and produces audio and video formats from the furnished data. Some software support many formats by default. Choose the one that works best for you.

Select the codec you would like to encode your movie with. To do this, simply click on the ‘Open’ button of the converter, select the file to be converted, mention input codec as AVI and output codec as DVD and hit the ‘Converter’ button to start converting.

After completion of the procedure navigate to the directory where you have saved the original file. It’s now in a DVD format.