Tips to Google Search effectively

One might get impatient and feel harassed if all the attempts to find a search related to the precise keyword turns futile. Here are a few tips that may help you search effectively on Google.

Step1- Decide what you want to search and visit the Google homepage.

Step2- Enter the keyword related to your search. Be specific and eliminate usage of any non-standard words that will divert your search elsewhere. Google will not consider very common words such as ‘How’, if it is essential to mention the word in your search lay a ‘+’ sign before it.

Step3- Place quotes (“ ”) around any phrase that has been included in your search as it helps Google to look for words in an orderly manner. On the contrary, you can replace quotes by dashes (). (Note- quotes are placed in the beginning and at the end of the word or a word phrase whereas; dashes are placed between the words.)

google search

Step4- To search within a range of numbers enter the lower value first followed by the higher value, separated by two – three periods and no spaces. For instance, if you want to find something in the range of 200-300$, type $ 200$ 300

Step5- Wildcard or (*) sign serves a very useful function when placed within a query. It is used as a placeholder by Google for any unknown terms to find the best possible matches. For example, the search grow in leaps* will display you results of many sites that have achieved growth in leaps recently .

google search

Step 6- Fine-tune your search by clicking on the ‘advanced search’ option of Google and specify the language, file format and other characteristics. One can also filter out any results containing adult content graphic images or video by clicking on ‘safe search’ and selecting the desired option (moderate, strict or report offensive images).

google search

google search

Hope this helps!

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