Useful Tips to increase Skype Call Quality

All of us at some point while using Skype might have experienced some faults in connection or worst even disconnection due to the network issues. So, does there exists a way by which we can get rid of such issues? I believe there is and you can even improve the call quality in Skype. How? By following simple tips which I am going to highlight in this post. Read all the way long, who knows, it might just work in your case.


Testing via VoIP checker: Before making a Skype call, check whether your connection is ready to make a VoIP call or not. To test your connection, go online and use any of the free VoIP speed checkers out there. I would recommend you to use Visualware VoIP checker, Visualware is free, easy and fast.
Using a steady connection: Instead of using wireless connection, I would recommend you to use a wired Ethernet connection, since the network gets congested at times due to interference by other wireless devices on the same connection. Ethernet is steady and fast!

Allow More Bandwidth: Skype calls require lots of bandwidth, so you need to allot more bandwidth to Skype, you can do so by pausing your ongoing downloads or any other streaming process. Doing so, devotes more and unused bandwidth for Skype.

Using good sound equipment: While calling via Skype, you might have experienced some echo issue or other disturbances. To solve this problem, what you can do is connect a good headset to your PC/Laptop or you can buy one from Flipkart or Amazon. You can use Philips headsets. Philips offers good quality headsets at much affordable prices.


Tuning sound settings: Access your device’s sound settings and change the sound profile from rock/party to speech or voice, this should offer some clarity in sound.

Improving video quality: We’ve seen how to improve voice clarity, now I’ll give you a tip to improve video clarity too. First of all, ensure that the webcam you are using has a proper focus and it is kept at a definite distance from you. Secondly, if your room has window and is working as a background for your image then I would recommend you to cover them with curtains and switch on tube light/CFL, this would help as the CFL or tube light would have a proper light density and proper light focus.

So, this was all. You can follow these tips and improve Skype call quality to an extent. Hope you liked them, if you have any of your own tips do share them with us.

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