6 tips to comment effectively on other blogs

Everybody wants a large traffic for their blog to increase their ranking in the search engine. Blog commenting can help you in this way; you can comment in the most impressive way and catch the attention of the visitors. Blog commenting is a fairly fast and painless link building technique, but most people do it incorrectly because they spam blogs.

Most bloggers have now made their comment link as Dofollow which was earlier a Nofollow one. Changing to Dofollow commenting program has also brought up in so many visitors along with their improved comments. The commenting system also plays a very important and major role in question and answers and consulting with others.

Nowadays, people concentrate more in blog commenting, it have now become a competition on how much people comment and how they comment. There are a lot of people commenting on many blogs. It is not as hard as it is seen. You can improve your blog commenting by following ways:

Make yourself Familiar

Firstly, you should make yourself active in blogosphere. To become active you can make use of Comment plugging like commentluv. This will help you in integrating your job i.e. to interact with the visitors in comment section. Once you register in Commentluv powered by great features, it will display the link of all your recent post along with the current post comment. So this will help you to publicize your blog and your posts. Hence never forget to register in commentluv. Another plugging is gravatar.

Gravatar is globally recognized Avatar. This gravatar is an image which will follow you from site to site appearing beside your name when you post your article or comment. Hence this is also a good way for publicizing yourself and your blog.


Search for the blog

Search for the blog in your niche and the best way to find blog to comment on is “dropmylink”. It is an online resource which will help you to build backline for your niche through various sources.

After finding the blog for your niche, start commenting on it. There are many blogs which provides a DoFollow Commenting system where you could also take advantage to start off. For starters, your comment is likely to approve because you are a beginner and if you provide value. This will increase the number of readers who click-through to your site


Mistakes to avoid

There are some mistakes which have to be completely avoided while commenting in blogs like the most important mistake which everyone do is that not to comment on any article before reading it. You must also take of not using bold, italics or underline your statement to make it attractive instead your sentence should attract the crowd. Also,one thing to be kept in mind is that not to sign your own article as you would have already done that in the beginning. If you again sign for the second time that you are a dork.

There are lots of other silly mistakes as well which includes posting comments with a one word like “great”, “excellent” or “thanks” that will only be considered as spam. Although commenting is a good thing but one should also keep in mind that not to underestimate anyone by your words. And lastly the most common mistake of all is that not to include second or third link to your website. It will give the impression that you are just spamming the comment section. These are the common mistakes people commit while commenting. Avoid it.


Regular comments

Comment regularly to be a part of blogosphere. Hence allot some particular time to comment on different blogs related to your niche. This will improve your profit and knowledge. Hence you will become a familiar person and this will also improve your blog profile in the blogosphere. Regular commenting will also allow you to first read the blog and hence your knowledge will also be improving day by day while reading other blogs.


Read the article and comment

Never comment before you read the whole article. Start with the title of the article. Title itself will provide the gist/clue about the content in the article. Therefore read the article completely and then comment on it. At times what you understand from the article can differ from the actual explanation. So if you have any doubts related to that, you can directly ask the author and start a healthy conversation.

If the author fails to reply then there are many people to respond to your question. People in this field love conversation, hence it is easy to build a conversation and interact with the author and visitors. This will popularize you and your post too.



There are many people to respond to you comment including the author. Hence there can be many questions to be answered in the comment section. So if you are capable of answering the queries and if you know the answer properly, you can attempt to answer the question. In this way you can build relationship with the author and other visitors too. Building relationships will always help you in future when you start up your own blog. These are the people who will provide you perfect knowledge about your blog as well as your site. So keep interacting with them always.

These simple tasks can make you famous and the hero of comments in the comment section and helps you in promoting your blog too.


  1. Worthwhile points – effective commenting can be great for brand recognition of your website even with nofollow. Most commenters don’t have their own website to advertize but the single word ‘thanks’ type of comments always do!

    They are regarded as spam so if you have nothing to add, better not to comment at all – there IS such a thing as bad publicity, especially in your own blogging niche. It does takes time to build a strong profile – commenting regularly on no more than a dozen key blogs is better than scattering single comments around a hundred.

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