3 tips to be followed to Make Money through Blogging

Blogging is a field where people can learn more and earn more. To be a successful blogger along with comfortable earnings, you first have to follow certain tips and guidance. Many people start blogging and directly jump to expert level but they first the main concept of following the basics. So today I am gonna share some of my tips on some rules to be followed while blogging and before you start out to earn.


Excellent Quality Content

Being a blogger, your first priority is always to post quality content. Writing killer articles is always very important. You might not be able to give time to blogging every day but in a week you must be looking forward to post killer article. People on the Internet are always looking for free content and free tips, that is where they end up landing on blogs, where you have a great chance to impress them by your skills. Along with posting content, you must first be looking forward to make some research on the blog article.

Not to Monetize early

This is the biggest mistake which almost every new blogger does. Never ever monetize your blog until it has a good amount of traffic. People on the Internet are very sharp as they can very easily track whether your blog is a new one or old one. Many bloggers recommend that you must first write for initial period of 6-8 months and then monetize your site. People who start blogging just to make money always fail. Please make sure that your reasons for starting blogging is first to provide quality content. If you do this, money will always be generated by you. One you have completed 6 months or so, you can try out Google AdSense or any of these AdSense Alternatives.

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Be Consistent

Hard Works always lead to better results in terms of blogging. There are variety of things you can do to earn your blog reputation like Blog Commenting, Guest posting, Link building. These are some of the things which will help you to make your blog earn some good traffic and reputation as well. Along with being consistent, you also have to keep on interacting with people and fellow bloggers to enable you to increase your knowledge. Another thing which you have to work on is the post frequency, then number of post which you will be looking forward to post in a day or week. Keep that line that you have to complete at least those posts in a day. There are many blogs who have more than 1000 blog post indexed by Google, the more number of post you write the more Google will index your pages and links and the more chances of getting higher traffic.

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