7 Tips to Improve Article Writing Skills

Internet is a means to acquire knowledge and this knowledge is presented in the form of audio, video and in text form. Every medium requires content in it and content can also be delivered through articles. Article writing can be a “means” to earn money or a hobby of writing on-line and sharing their knowledge and thinking.

You may write for any reason, but for a writer to get regular readers is the most important challenge. As many writers continue to write and write all along the way but they never try to learn some of the basis as well as expert tips in improving the way of article writing. All matters is the content in your article and the way you present it. As many bloggers always say that Content has always been the king of all times, be it’s a blogging or any other field like marketing, optimizing or whatsoever. Here are few tips to improve article writing.


“Practice makes man perfect“so just start writing, with every article your views, thinking and the way you present your article will improve and will result in much better writing when you compare with your first article.Apart from this your typing speed will also increase. While you may feel bored by practicing all the time, but trust me, all your handwork is going to pay you in your long run coming up ahead of you.

Presenting your article

An article should be divided into number of short paragraph instead of long, lengthy essay which will tend to skipping of your article by readers. It’s a pure fact that no one likes to read a lengthy paragraph instead they will be more attractive towards articles where the content has been displayed in shorter paragraphs. Use sub-title’s as much as possible; sub-title gives the gist of the content in it, hence the reader will already get the notion about it, increasing their urge to read it (depending on their interest). For example, if you are reviewing any product of any special features of any product then you can allow the features list to be displayed as a bulleted list instead of the old style paragraphs.

Sentence creation

Avoid making a sentence complicated and long, a sentence should be as small as possible with a simple meaning. Make active use of formatting options like bold, italics, underline, font size and color, Bullets and Numbering to give an attractive look. Always look for small meaningful and impressive sentence that will make up reader minds. As I already told in the section on presenting article, you can follow the same guidelines even here also.

Content/writing for the article

For me, writing is exploration. Collect more and more information about it which will make you comfortable and confident enough to write on the topic, making your journey of writing the article surprising & exciting. Content is always the king in all fields and optimizing the content according to readers best view would enable you to get many positive votes in your long run. Make sure your content has headline, introduction, body and conclusion. Try including Keywords which also attracts readers.

Avoid In-direct speech

This is when the subject of a sentence is swapped with the object. An indirect speech will tend to use of unnecessary words in it making a sentence long and passive. Use of correct punctuations, grammar and spelling is also important. Any error in those will reduce the quality of your article. Perfection in your article will automatically give you professionalism.


Your total attention should be on the topic of the article to make it a perfect one. If you are bored with writing, then your boredom might get easily reflected in your article. Before writing each article you have to clearly make your mind understand that you are not writing for yourself, it’s the world that is going to read it and appreciate you, if they like it. Hence write your article with passion which is possible by loving your topic and writing it with concentration.

Read and Re-correct

After completing the task of writing the article, read your article as a reader after a couple of hours. While writing articles you might know your mistakes but if you see the articles from readers point of views that I am sure that you are going to find many more mistakes. The reason for these mistakes is that we write articles on our point of view but readers will have different mindset and as a blogger or content writer, it’s a must to familiarize other mindset and group them into single piece. This will help you to point out the missing information, errors/mistakes and quality. Format your article until and unless you are completely satisfied with the quality and quantity of your article.

I am sure that these tips about article writing would help you in your long run. Believe me even I was not following these tips, but Chintan Jain helped me in improving my skills, so it’s a must for all people like me who want to be a blogger or content writer. These tips and tricks are just a stepping stone for article writing, if you are really fond of writing articles and passionate about it, then your passion, true dedication and these tips will definitely make you master of articles.