Tizen Smartphones coming in October, dev prototypes shipping now

We know that Samsung and Intel have been working on the development of Linux kernel based open-source mobile platform Tizen. Just a few days back, we heard the rumors that Tizen is dead and then the rumors that Samsung is trying to delay Tizen based mobile devices. In a recent report by Tizen Indonesia citing Korean mobile industry sources, we have a new development claiming that Tizen based Smartphone will be launched in October.


The Tizen project is a background project for both Intel and Samsung. When it is compared to the other new mobile Operating Systems in the development like Firefox OS, Ubuntu and Sailfish OS, it has been comparatively slower in terms of development and testing, with the related reports appearing once in a blue moon.

Samsung and Intel has confirmed to still support the Tizen project recently. Samsung has a big developer conference on October 27 in San Francisco, USA where we can expect more insight into the dormant Tizen project. It cannot be ruled out that the conference might get the honors of Samsung launching the first Tizen Smartphone. Even though the project looks good so far, yet the application ecosystem and lack of numbers might go against it.

In a related report, a shipping manifest leaked by German blog Tizenblog reveals that the developer prototypes of Tizen-running Samsung SM-Z9005 are shipping to developers. The Github source code confirms that the prototype runs Tizen as it carries the codenames Melius and Redwood, the codenames that have been associated with Tizen even since it came into picture last year.

Shipping manifest

We reported a few months back that Samsung’s Tizen Smartphone will launch by year end. It seems interesting that Samsung is looking for other Linux based OS when it already is the biggest manufacturer of Android based devices. We can only speculate what Samsung wants and what its strategy is going to be. We will keep an eye out for more related info on SM-Z9005 prototype and will keep you informed.