3 Tools to help you integrate your social accounts

These days social networking has become very popular and to be touch with these websites has almost become certain. One one now can leave these social networks as they have become an integral part of our life. Managing and handling these social networks accounts can sometimes become so must tough particularly when we have to visit all the social networks once in an hour.

Therefore, we bring you some awesome sites where you can merge all your social networks and enjoy automatic and live feeds of your social accounts.


FriendBinder is a single feed viewer site which allows you to integrate multiple accounts of various social networking sites. It allow multiple display of all friends and community activities and display them all at once. It also allows you to connect with Twitter, displays Twitter related mentions and direct messages too. You can perform various task over here like uploading or viewing pictures from Flickr or even accepting or rejecting friend request from Facebook. Along with displaying the latest news with related to all networks, it also displays mos popular news or feed among them.


FriendFeed brings you a personalised real-time feed including all activities of your friends and communities sharing across on your network. It also allow you do multiple task including commenting and liking the same status update or Facebook post or links. This manages all your social network accounts and merge them into a real-time feed by personalise customization.It has a list of over 50 Websites to share your social networks with this site. You can use these 50 networks to connect and share data into a single real-time feed.


Ping.fm is a website particularly used for live feed. It has the power of allowing multiple updates of status at the same time. This websites comes along with a group of services that actually categorized all its services into three main categories. The category consists of Status updates, Blogs, and Micro-blogs. It has the authority to validate and attract content from various social networks by allowing multiple feed data from the popular networks like Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even WordPress.