Top 10 Android Apps

Google’s Android Mobile OS is in the market from few years now and still within such a short time, android developers have managed to develop some of the coolest applications. These apps are not less in anyways as compared to iOS apps. I have collected some of the coolest must have apps for an Android Smartphone user.

Here is the list of top 10 Android apps which we have selected after going through several successful apps.

1. ASTRO File Manager

The application that has managed to get to the top of the list is ASTRO File Manager. The software lets you navigate through various files and folders which are present on your memory card easily. You can get it from here.

2. WaveSecure

The application that has occupied second number is WaveSecure. The software is loaded with different types of features such as getting, back up of all your data like SMS, contacts and your memory card data etc on developer’s cloud. All the details about the app can be found here.

3. PDANet

Application at number three is, one which will help you in setting up an access point for your mobile net.  PDANet provides easy ways to use your mobile net. Want to have one? You are more than welcome here.


4. Shopper

Fourth one is a small application called Shopper, which eases user’s shopping by reading bar codes or simple over-codes. It is an enhanced version of Google’s own similar working application. You can directly send the Shopper to your phone by visiting this page.

5. SlideScreen

The application named SlideScreen sits at number five. Android provides functionality of customizable home screen. Using SlideScreen it becomes easy to manage, home screen of your Android Smartphone. Download now.

6. TasKiller

Another task killing application ‘TasKiller’ has made to number six. Using the app you can simply ‘kill’ the unnecessary apps and save battery. Start killing extra app right now.

task killer for android

7. Secret

Security is of top-most concern for many people. The password storing application secret is useful for such users who are concerned about security, about the data stored in their Smartphone.

8. AnyCut

AnyCut is an application that allows you to get one click access to all your phone settings. One can even manage extra menus, with the help of this application. With thousands of icons to scroll through, one click access is what the Android user looks for and AnyCut is ready to serve these users.

9. Listen

The podcast application made by Google itself called Listen stands at the number nine. Using this one, you can find audio as well as video content over net. You can start listening right now, just by visiting this page.

google listen app for android

10. Layar

Last but not the least the app called Layar is at the number ten. The app does pretty complex things by showing digital information about what is happening around you. It shows Wikipedia information or tweets related to objects around you.

layar app

What you think about the list of my Top 10 Android apps? If you know about some other cool apps, do share with us!