Top 10 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2012

CES showed us that year 2012 will bring a revolution in technology. Likely to be expected this year, here are the Top 10 most anticipated devices of 2012.

Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 release

Apple has gained the top most position with their heart winning devices, manufactured with the inconceivable technology application. It introduces extraordinary features, apps and updates for iPhone that attracts the millions over the world. iPhone is one among the top selling device and as every year 2012 will be no exception for its new face.

iPhone 5 will definitely turn out to be the most awaited device of 2012, since there was no change in the design and screen size of iPhone 4S. Tiro’s have a chance to be felicitous as iPhone 5 will be introduced with completely change design, bigger 4 inch screen, advanced Siri and as per sources reveal some faster components will be built in along with NFC, 4G LTE capabilities.

Apple iPad 3

Next to iPhone 5, lies another Apple device among the most anticipated device – iPad 3. iPad 2 made up a significant market with huge demand. iPad 3 is expected to bluster a better processor, high-definition screen, retina display, Siri and may be 4G LTE.

Earlier, iPad 1 and 2 were released around March-April, however in 2012 reports say that iPad 3 will be launched in February somewhere near to Steve Job’s birthday.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Within three months of it’s release Samsung sold 10 million units of Galaxy S II, this indicates the popularity gained by Samsung Galaxy S after iPhone. It was honored as one of the fastest phone at time of release which has made many Samsung and Android users to await for Galaxy S II. It is rumored that Galaxy S III will be sporting quad core CPU along side with 2GB of RAM, 720p stock resolution, big screen and of course Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus display.

Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony brought revolution in the field of portable gaming after the introduction of PSP. However, it was later replaced by mobile gaming, from recent years.  Its time to make a bash again in 2012 on portable gaming industry so, Sony is coming up with PlayStation Vita.

It will be refurnished with a new design, two analogue sticks, touch screen, Quad Core processor, resolution of 960 × 540 qHD with pixel density of 220ppi, better graphics for the games. Completely new game titles with better portable experience.

PlayStation Vita was scheduled to be released on 17th December itself in Japan. US and UK people will have to wait due to its delay and is expected to be released on FEB. 22, 2012. You can make your pick on FEB. 22 at the company price of $250.


Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook Ultrabooks will set focus in the year 2012. Advances are set to occur in thin, portable and powerful laptops with Ultra books. Manufacturers like Samsung, ASUS and Acer are in the run to produce more advanced and light weight Ultrabooks. Thus in 2012 the markets will be hit by range of new, fast and small laptops so their consumers can make an impatient wait with no doubts. Dozens were expected to be released at CES alone.

Apple MacBook Pro (Retina Display)


Again expectations raised for Apple, Pro one of the best configured Macbook is now hoped to be released with either pretty high resolution of 2880×1800 or with retina display. If the rumors turn out to be true we will get to see another Apple product MacBook Pro with Retina Display with a high resolution 2880×1800 in the upcoming year.

Along with Retina Display better hardware and new version Mac OS X will be added to it. MacBook Pro is expected to be released somewhere in the mid of 2012.

Windows 8 Tablet


The software titans have modernized the Windows look and is synchronizing the design across PCs, tablets and phones. The information has started coming out that Microsoft is prepared to make a real go of Windows 8 Tablet. Metro user interface that’s much like Windows Phone 7, a tile-based home-screen to launch most of your programs with separate Metro apps will be used in Windows 8. The manufacturers have options to include the hardware as it will support ARM processors, such as Tegra 3. Early developers after having hands on it say the software is much faster and easier to use. Hope Microsoft willbecome a big mobile player again and make the crowd to keep eye on them.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Tablets

Ice cream sandwich tablet

Sometimes little things can lead to big forward steps! Tablets have yet to make up up to Apple’s mark, although many tablets like Galaxy Tab and the Kindle Fire have made their entry into the market.

Android 4.0 is expected to change the current tablet situation since its a much smoother Android experience and works a lot better in market than the current versions.  Hoping Android 4.0 to make its way from the odds.

Apple HDTV


Apple seems to have taken a lion’s share for its tech releases in the year 2012. Apple has always lived up to the customers expectation every time, which makes people to expect more and better always. We have already heard about the rumors of Apple working on television a number of times, the biography of Steve Jobs suggests that he would like to make a television that would be seamlessly integrated with other Apple products which has led in fueling the rumors. Apple HDTV is expected to release in 2012 that would be powered by the company’s mobile operation system, iOS with a voice assistant, similar to the Siri in the iPhone 4S. It would come in 27 to 42-inch range with videos, play games, run applications and providing a control over social networking sites.

But we can’t disregard Apple’s the basic principle that it never enters a market unless it’s confident about the change. If Apple is coming up with a television it will surely create another landmark.

Flexible display phones


Flexible display is no more science fiction. Year 2012 will come up with a phone featuring flexible display. Already Samsung has demoed a 4.5inch flexible display and confirmed that it will be bringing a phone featuring such a display in early 2012. Along with Samsung, Nokia is also expected to make a phone with flexible display.

Samsung is close to its achievement, we can hint this from the curved display of Galaxy Nexus. And as reported by them we might get to see a phone with flexible display sometime soon.