Top 10 Apple iPad Games

When it comes to tablet, Apple Inc’s iPad is ruling the market. Though Apple iPad’s functionality and performance are core factors for boosting its popularity, it is different applications that attract users towards this incredibly loaded yet slim piece of hardware.

Out of millions of Apple apps, games form major contribution. Though it is not possible to unreservedly decide which game tops the rank, here are 10 games that can really make you stick to tablet for long.


1. Angry Birds

Popular hit of 2010, Angry Birds from Apple is back on iPad. With over 190 levels to crack through, this one is as addictive as its previous version. To break and destroy selfish pigs resting in their castle by using powers of angry birds is the basic theme of Game. Green pigs have stolen birds’ eggs and its players’ responsibility to take the reprisal.


2. Flight Control

Ever wondered how a flight controller will be handling massive air traffic? Experience it with Flight Control. In this game, major goal is to direct flights for landing. As the level increases, randomness and frequency of the flights also increase. This game is good exercise to your brain and patience.


3. Lane Splitter

It isn’t typical racing game with crashing cars and offensive opponents. However, it does involve speed but target here is to achieve as much distance as possible without hitting any car on the road. Game can be played by leaning tablet in a direction you want to turn bike to.

lane splitter for iPad


4. NBA Jam

Love NBA? Then this game is designed for you! With over 30 NBA teams to choose from and all major competitions, this game make you stick to iPad. It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to compete with your iPad friend.

NBA  for iPad


5. Pro Zombie Soccer

Ever thought of using football to defend your fort from zombies? Pro zombie soccer is combination of soccer games with tricky power ups and weird zombies. Your aim is to use shooting power to kick away zombies preventing them from reaching near you.

Zombie soccer for iPad


6. Battleheart

Those who love non-offensive fights without blood baths, this game can turn out to be favorite pastime for them. With 2D fantasy characters fighting their way to the final level, it’s your duty to make sure they don’t lose.

Battleheart for iPad


7. Dead Space

This EA games’ creation makes you to play a role of character fighting brutally with aliens, who is blasting them apart by using some high-tech guns. Blow away heads of aliens to reach the final stage.

Dead space for iPad


8. GTA: China Wars

There must be very few game-lovers who aren’t aware of Grand Theft Auto legacy by Rockstar Games. This iPad version of the China Wars endows you with fun of robbing cars and killing rivals on larger screen.

GTA for iPad


9. Infinity Blade

A huge creature, high tech weapons, threatening environment and life-saving spells is how you can describe Infinity Blade games on iPad. Simple controls and effectiveness are the plus points of this game.

Infinity for iPad


10. Real Racing 2

Looking for real racing experience on your iPad? Here is the answer to your curiosity. With excellent graphics and motion-sensing based controls, handling the car is lot easier now.

Real racing for iPad


As stated earlier, this list is endless with many other cool games to choose from. All these games are available for download from the official Apple App Store.

Have any favorites? Do share!