Top 10 Free BlackBerry Apps to increase your style quotient

Even though BlackBerry handsets come quite packed with style and performance, there is always a scope for improving its usability. With the market today flooded with different type of handsets, what makes a BlackBerry phone stand out from the crowd is its accessibility to a lot of interesting applications. These apps not only increase the style quotient on the phone but also make activities simpler and communication faster.

Given below are the 10 most rated free apps available for BlackBerry phones:


1. Viigo

Viigo is an RSS feed reader that enables one to be completely in charge with any RSS feed provider on the net. It offers complete features for a required RSS feed and users can always stay updated with the latest news and keep themselves busy with interesting reads on topics of their choice.

viigo Free BlackBerry App

2. Bolt 2.1

This browser was one of the widely used Internet browsers that BlackBerry users were inclined to before BlackBerry upgraded its operating system to 6.0 with better browsing capabilities. The best part of using BOLT 2.1 was its ability to used tabbed browsing and support to most flash and chatting applications.

3. Google Mobile

This application from the world’s most used search engine provides a one stop access to all of Google’s web products. Be it Gmail, Google Docs or Picasa, one can easily navigate between them. Moreover, the Google Maps integrate with GPS on BlackBerry ensuring that the phone owner is never lost.

4. Flashlight 1.0.2

From all of the Flashlight applications created for BlackBerry, FlashLight 1.0.2 stands out distinctively as it offers control over intensity of the light emitted and provides options on light color too.

5. Mobipocket Reader

Mobipocket reader is an e-book reading application that is quite useful for those who are fond of reading. The app makes it easy to read e-books even on the standard sized screen that the BlackBerry offers as compared to iPhone. The desktop application can also help convert HTML and PDF files into a BlackBerry supported format.

6. UPS Mobile

This is a quite basic application but is very convenient. The application provides an interface enabling users to use their UPS tracking number and track the shipment delivery as it moves from the source. One can also determine rates for shipping and time required for certain locations to ship parcels.

7. Navita Translator

The Navita translator provides easy translations of text and phrases entered in the application. The interface is quite uncomplicated and also integrates itself with the SMS and BlackBerry messenger so as to translate required text on the fly.

8. TwitterBerry

As the name suggests, this app is a perfect amalgamation of one of the most internet savvy phone with one of the most popular social networking site. TwitterBerry offers tweeting options when away from a PC and also provides options like spell check with easy usage of symbols for hassle free tweeting.

9. Urbanspoon

The app allows one to quench your hunger for any specific type of food while on the move along with providing options of nearest eateries or restaurants to get it from.

10. SpeedTest

This is a great app for those needing to compare the speeds of 3G, Wi-Fi or even GSM connectivity between multiple places so as to help choose the best spot and technology for your connectivity.



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