Top 10 Free and Useful Nokia Apps

Cell phone biggies, Nokia may have dominated the mobile phone market over the most part of the last decade; however with a stiff competition from other cellular giants, it became apparent for Nokia to innovate their products. Looking at the current market competition, Nokia has also stepped up in the app-war and provides tons of apps, both free and priced applications for majority of Nokia handsets. Discussed below are some of the essential Nokia free apps that come in handy for the users

1. Opera Mobile 10: Opera has been amongst the top mobile Internet browsers of all time and works amazingly well on phones with Symbian operating systems. The new version of Opera browser provides tabbed browsing and also stores password with the convenient password manager

2. Nokia messaging: This is Nokia’s very own version of chatting and email viewing application. With Kinetic scrolling and the ability to view emails in HTML format makes it compatible to most email clients. Nokia messaging works great even on push email accounts.

Nokia Messaging

3. Best Profiles: This has to be one of the most advanced applications for Nokia phones with artificial intelligence. The app changes the profile of the phone based on location and time. So if you reach office, the application will automatically put the mobile on silent mode based on the preference set.

4. Quickoffice: With the amount of Microsoft Office products used daily, it becomes essential for users to be able to work on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office applications from their mobile. That is exactly the purpose of QuickOffice, with its latest enhancement that supports docx and xlsx extension files as well.

5. Fring for Nokia: This app from Fring allows you to make free of cost video calls, voice calls and messaging to your contacts on Fring. Apart from that it also supports social networking websites like Twitter and allows you to make low cost telephone calls on landlines as well.

6. Ovi Maps: A traveling GPS app designed for Nokia phone, Ovi maps ensures that the users of a Nokia phone are never lost and are always updated with information like weather, routes and other specifics of the destinations that they are traveling in.

Ovi Maps beta

7. Currencies Touch: For all international travelers, this is a must have app. What it does is tracks the amount you spend regularly, convert from one currency to another based on the location that you are in and gives you details about your money so you know what habits you follow with your money.

Currencies Touch

8. Bright Light Touch: This app smartly converts the flash light of the phone camera, used for taking pictures in dark into a torch. This is quite required for those traveling at late hours.


9. Handy Taskman: With so many applications stored on a phone, the performance of the phone is bound to be affected. This is exactly where the Handy Taskman helps you with the available resources on the phone. From showing open unused applications to estimating the size of free memory space, its gives you everything.

10. Gravity: Ideal for social networking addicts, this app helps users to tweet while away from their PCs and could very well be the next level of social networking after twitter.

It ends us with the list of top 10s. However, there are thousands of apps available for Symbian.

Using one that is not in the list? Please update us about it by commenting here.

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