Top Ten Free Twitter Tools and Services

As the coolest micro-blogging website, Twitter is eating into shares of Facebook and other social networking services. These free tools help users get the most out of Twitter.

Top Ten Free Twitter Tools and Services

Top Ten Free Twitter Tools and Services

1] HootSuite

It is probably the best Twitter management tool available online for free. You can log in to multiple Twitter accounts with HootSuite and manage all of them together with a useful tabbed interface. Adding keywords to Twitter posts is also possible with HootSuite that lets you easily search for them in the future. Keeping track of tweets is more comfortable with access to URLs from your dashboard. You can also create lists of tweets for future references which makes HootSuite a perfect application for Twitter post management.

2] Twellow

Twellow will let you find people on Twitter who have the same interests as you do. In other words, Twelow is like a friend-finder service that offers to search people on Twitter based on their interests and other info. This service will help you build your social network on Twitter. Apart from info about people, you can also find contacts of different businesses and thus this perfect publicity tool. In other words, Twellow will help you find networks on Twitter where you belong.

3] Topsy

It is one of the best tools available for free which are used to manage retweets. Many users have observed that results obtained using Topsy are pretty different from what Tweetmeme gives, and in most cases, more accurate.

4] CoTweet

CoTweet provides you with a great dashboard interface, even better than Twitter’s own that lists interesting tweets as well as conversations in a great way. You can also use links with CoTweet. The best thing about CoTweet is that you don’t have to download anything as it’s web-based.

5] Twitter Counter

It is states management tool for Twitter. You could find out how many people are following you and then dig out your tweets and followers history on Twitter to check if your graph is improving or not.

6]  Twitter Advanced Search

This tool is a precise search tool for Twitter that will let you find tweets as well as people from all over the world using keywords that you enter. You can put it to great effect in finding people who share your interests.

8] Twitter Feed

RSS feed is probably the only thing that you need to optimize your Twitter usage. TwitterFeed creates new RSS item for every new tweet and the best thing is that you can use with multiple Twitter accounts.

8] Untwitted

Even if you wouldn’t feel the need for services like Untwitted regularly, it is definitely useful for cleaning your account up by un-following people who don’t follow you back.

9] ManageTwitter

It is a multi-purpose application that lets you search for inactive accounts that you are following as well as managing your overall Twitter network. You can also perform a quick Twitter stream search.

10] Your top Re-tweeters

Do You Know Who Your Top Tweeps and Fans are? Discover and acknowledge your top re-tweeters.

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