Top 10 Gadget failures of the year 2011

Among the thousand’s of gadgets released this year many were successful to impress the consumers with their awesome performance, uniqueness and affordable price tag. However some among them failed due to either of the reason or improper implementation, here are those top 10 products

1. Nokia N9

Nokia N9

Nokia launched the N9 as a successor to Nokia N8 with expectation of great sales figure. However the game turned, the best looking phone was bottlenecked due to its poor hardware and mild software support. Along with this, Nokia N9 was launched in handful countries with heavy price tag.

2. Apple Thunderbolt Display

People who cannot afford iMac but still love the bling of it, Apple Thunderbolt Display is for them. Even though using most fastest Input/Output ever, this display is useless. The main reason behind its failure is its price tag as the 27inch model is priced at $999.00 USD where you can get a whole of MacBook Air or a 40inch HDTV at the same price.

3. Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom was the first Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet released back this year. Being the first Honeycomb tablet the user-interface was completely raw, even the performance was not up to expectations. Such a tablet was heavily priced in the early days this reduced its demands and later on it was not even considered.

4. LG Optimus 3D

optimus 3d

As the name states LG Optimus 3D is a 3D capable smartphone made to deliver glasses free 3D on a portable device. Though LG made it with decent hardware it was sluggish and poor laggy interface. 3D which was not necessary on portable device was made as the prime factor of the phone. The dimensions were big that made this phone fat and older version of Android withdrawn its demand.

5. HP TouchPad

While the tablet wars were HOT, HP entered into the war by launching TouchPad featuring WebOS. HP Palm devices with WebOS was huge success which made HP to develop this operating on big screen. In early days TouchPad reached expected sales figure but later after that the sales figure went down and HP couldn’t meet the expected sales figure because of low application count and its inability to meet iPad’s performance at same price, this forced HP to stop HP TouchPad.

6. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Also known as PlayStation phone, Xperia Play was a big mistake from Sony Ericsson. Having PlayStation capabilities this phone was suitable for kids (those who like PSP gaming) for other classes this phone was useless. This made the sales figure go down and also parents though the price of the phone is too high to spend for kids. Xperia Play was then ignored by masses.

7. Blackberry Playbook

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Started Fire Sale? (Discount Deal Alert)

Blackberry is known for its devices designed for Business purpose, however Blackberry Playbook failed to impress even the business class. Initially Playbook lacked many features like email and calendar also this QNX based operating system had very few third party applications. This made the sales figure go down categorising Playbook among the failed products of 2011.

8. iPod Nano 7G


Last year Apple refreshed its iPod Nano family where the Nano’s got complete redesign into a micro design. This highly priced iPod Nano got low sales figure as many people instead decided to go with iPod Touch. And this year Apple launched 7th generation iPod Nano which got nothing other than big UI and additional clock designs.

9. Google TV

With Logitech, Google launched Google TV a smart TV to perform many web based work from your living room. This innovative idea of Google seriously failed due to improper implementation. Google TV was not worth for its price as many features were still raw and undeveloped, this brought the sales figure down which made Google to stop making Google TV devices.

10. Flip Video Camera

Flip Video Camera

Flip video camera mainly got popular due to its capability of high-definition video recording and direct output on HDTV. Later smartphones got the same capabilities which were even better than Flip cameras, this replaced the Flip Video cameras with smartphones and they were turned down.


  1. I have an N9 and it’s the best phone out there currently. There aren’t a gazillion apps for it but there’s no need – it’s a fully functional phone that doesn’t need an Uninstaller app, or a SIP app (list goes on) like my old Android. The hardware is just what the OS needs to run, and 1GB of RAM gives you a real fluid experience.

    1. We’re really sorry, if our article was erratic. We’re working on this and we’d employ more proofreaders soon

    2. What do you mean? These gadgets are compiled only after complete sales review for whole year.

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