Top 10 HP Touchpad Apps

The first webOS tablet, HP TouchPad, comes with many pleasures like slim model, user-friendly interface, multi-tasking service and list goes on. Last but not the least, apps! They make tablet more interesting by providing a way to pass leisure time. Surprisingly, HP claims TouchPad to support more than 300 apps. You can find HP TouchPad review on The Geeks Club.

Let’s see the best 10 of it’s several amazing apps:

1. SpazHD for Twitter

With increasing popularity of Twitter, it’s the coolest app of HD TouchPad. It displays your home timeline, messages and mentions in column style. Navigation is easy and straightforward and it allows you to upload photos. To everyone’s surprise, Twitter alerts are provided even when the app is not in use. It’s done via notification system of webOS 3.0. This app is free.

SpazHD for Twitter

2. USA Today

First of all, this amazing app is absolutely free. You can get the latest headlines with simple touch. Pleasing interface of this app grabs the attention as it categorize headlines in various groups such as news, sports, travel, money, life, and tech. Sport-addicts will love this app as it provides current score of popular sport teams. Moreover, it also includes videos, which is probably the most eye-catching feature. You can also see forecast for five days.

USA Today for HP

3. WeatherBug

Million apps about weather are present in market, but WeatherBug is unique with its features. This free app actually shows you weather condition. No kidding, but it really gives you an idea about weather with a photo. It also provides temperature details depending on current weather condition. Forecast for next two days, hourly and detailed forecast are also given. Radar map option is notable.

WeatherBug for HP TouchPad

4. Dead Runner

This app is survival game, Dead Runner, in which you are supposed to avoid trees while going forward. It’s a simple game but can become an addiction! Horror effect is created with eerie music, gray fog and effective color combination. Its free app!

Dead Runner for HP Touchpad

5. Amazon’s Kindle

Free Amazon’s Kindle app can surely tempt eBook readers. Access to your library is one-touch away! You can also start from the exact point where you left off from your smartphone or reader via Whispersync. You can adjust almost everything, from font size to brightness, to enhance your reading experience. Making notes or highlighting facilities are available.

Kindle Reader for HP

6. Facebook

Although app is not from Facebook, HP surely ensures the best! Being the world’s most popular social site, Facebook app is almost a basic need of any portable device. HP does justice to this with many features like, easy navigation with default interface, flip-board style layout, and easy access to news feed. App is overall nice but chat would have made it cooler!

Facebook App for HP TouchPad

7. Angry Birds HD

There is no doubt that whole world is obsessed with this game, so having Angry Bird is one of those things that validate tablet! It’s free app and game play is smooth. Sound effect is nice and it compliments HD effect.

Angry Birds HD

8. TuneInRadio

This free app is nice and commendable. It includes Internet radio and local AM/FM accompanied by about 40,000 channels. Interface is very friendly and you can navigate channels through specific categories.

TuneInRadio for HP

9. Glyder 2 HD

Glyder 2 HD explains 3D gaming functionality of HP TouchPad. Cool graphics have made rich environments with enough detailing. You can explore them by flying smoothly but landing can be tricky. App is worth a glance with $2.99.

Glyder2 HD

10. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

NFS lovers will be pleased with this app. Rich environments and action packed app surely make impression. 20 real-world supercars, improved controls and interface by EA are unique features. List of features also includes 180degree spins, special weapons for cops and racers. Overall, app is superb and comes for $9.99.

NFS Hot Pursuit


Although only 10 can make it to the top 10 list, there are many apps that can be your personal favorites. It purely depends on your choice!