Top 10 iPhone Games

Apple Inc’s iPhone is well-known for its apps and when it comes to apps, games form integral part of it. Here is a list of top 10 iPhone games you should look for.


1. N.O.V.A

Don’t get surprised by looking at the name of this first-person shooter game in the list of games for 3.5” Smartphone. Excellent graphics and easy controls add to the merits of N.O.V.A. Using 3G capability of iPhone, one can enjoy multiplayer mode with his/her friends.

NOVA for iPhone


2. Angry Birds

Furious birds breaking down the emperor of green pigs to take the revenge is the basic theme of this one of the most addictive iOS platform games. With over 6 million copies already sold, Angry Birds is currently hottest game in Apple market.

angry birds for iPhone


3. Doodle Jump

A simple time-killer but praised as “must-have” by many gamers, Doodle Jumps is one of the classic iPhone games available in market. Using jumps and jet-packs, you have to help a cute creature find a way though hurdles and enemies on the way. This classic has been downloaded million times till date.

Doodle dump for iPhone


4. Doom Resurrection

Doom resurrection has been designed to take full advantage of iPhone graphical muscles. This is a first-person shooter game where you have to march your way through metal corridors preventing attack of zombies.

Doom for iPhone


5. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Ever had a curiosity about how spiders would be looking at this world? This game allows you to look at the world from spider’s eye. Categorized under Adventure genre, this one is real time-killer.

Spider for iPhone


6. Peggle

This pachinko-style game is considered as most addictive no matter on which platform you are running it. Goal of the game is pretty simple; to shoot the silver ball into the drape of colored hangers to burst orange balls. As you progress through levels, difficulty massively increases.

Peggle for iPhone


7. Call Of Duty: World at War Zombies

FPS games on iPhone cannot be overlooked while creating list of Top 10s. If you are fine with spending $10 for this one, COD can assure you best ever iPhone FPS experience.

Call of duty for iPhone


8. Baseball Superstars 2010

How come sports genre is not included in list of top 10s? Baseball Superstars 2010 is simple baseball game that takes advantage from smooth touch screen of iPhone. Can you hit a home run? iPhone won’t take it that easy on you!

Baseball superstars for iPhone


9. Zen Bound

One of its kinds, Zen Bound offers players the task of wrapping carved wooden objects with string of limited length. There is no time limit but game tests the imagination power of your brain. Tired of office work? Give Zen Bound a try for complete relaxation.

Zen bound for iPhone


10. Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Our list of top 10 ends with Tiger Woods PGA Tour that provides you ultimate golfing experience. Use touch screen to change direction and to add strength in your shot. Your skills are thoroughly tested as the game progresses. However, slightly blurred graphics might add to your disappointment.

Tiger Wood PGA for iPhone

It ends our list of top 10. However, there are millions of other games available in App market to download. Depending on the choice of user, one’s top 10 lists might vary.

Do share if you have any favorites!