Top 10 Most Popular Free Android Applications of 2011

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system powered by Google, with Middleware and key Applications. Android’s mobile operating system is based on the Linux kernel. The Android operating system is currently the world’s best-selling Smartphone platform. Android has a large community of developers writing applications that extend the functionality of the devices.

1: Google Maps:

We all travel and love to visit new places. But we love to travel to the places with which we are not familiar with. But now in this generation of Android phones Google maps have launched a new application for Android which provides an easy and simple way to reach our desired destinations. It indicates various places, landmarks and provides Voice-guided GPS navigation. With this application you cant even think of loosing your friends while you are in journey because it provides information regarding Latitude and enables you to find your friends and their locations.

2: Skype:


This Skype application for Android allows you to make free Skype-to-Skype phone calls and video calls. Its a wonderful application for Skype users who use Android.

3: Opera Mini Web Browser:

Opera Mini is a web browser and Internet suite developed by Opera software. As you know its the fastest mobile browser, saves your time and data usage. With opera you can use full websites faster comparing to other mobile phones.

4: Facebook for Android:


Facebook isa social networking service and website launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. It is the popular Social networking website in todays World and this application of Facebook for Android allows you to connect to your friend, share comments and everything else in your finger tips

5: Talking Tom Cat:


It is good to have a pet in your home. But now you can have tom cat as your pet in your Android device, the application is named as talking cat tom, He repeats whatever you speak but with a funny voice, you can also have fun with him by poking him, grabbing his tail and even capture funny videos of yourself.

6: AVG Free Anti-Virus:

Having an Android is cool but without Internet it sounds odd. But having Internet means giving access to viruses to enter your phone database which would create problems on your system, AVG Anti-Virus has created an application for Android which can keep your Android system free of viruses and your system problem free.

7: Kid Mode: Play+Learn:

kid-mode android app

It is great to have educational kids games and videos and delightful award-winning kid applications. By using this application named kid mode and putting your Android into Kid mode you have access to all funny videos and educational games.

8: Official eBay Android Application:

Most of the people don’t like to go out for shopping which is tiring for them. They like to shop online,but eBay launched an official application for android which is very useful for online shopping lovers.

9: NOOK for Android by B&N:

This Android Application is made for those who like to keep books along them on journeys, This application enables you to shop over millions of books and keep them with you wherever you go through Noble & Barnes and also enables to get instant access to NOOK Books.

10: BBC News:


This is the official BBC News application for users who like to keep themselves updated with the incidents going around the world which provides you with the latest news of all over the world from breaking news, to politics, business, entertainment, technology, sports, arts. It also enables to listen live radio, watch video reports, read latest updates all over the world.


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