Top 10 Sexy Secrets to Build Online Brand Equity

Everybody in this world dies for Name, Fame & Money. People do everything whatever they can do for it and Millions of people are trying but only a few achieve their dream. All this you can achieve if you can build up your own brand. In this guide, I am sharing Secrets to Build Online Brand Equity.

I want to dedicate this article to all those people who are trying to build their own brand, own logo, their own name on the web. It’s perfectly required to create a brand in your own name as to gain popularity.

Secrets to Build Online Brand Equity

10 Sexy Secretes to Build Online Brand

Media Requests

One of the best and free ways to build your brand is being quoted in news articles. You can easily demonstrate your thought, leading your brand through this way. There are many hot lists of tools to keep along with us.

  • HARO
  • NewsBasis
  • FlackList
  • Media Kitty

Having own Custom URL

If you become able to make your own custom URL shortener, this will also give you one the very good result in building your own brand. You may have seen many times when you use the Twitter. Almost many times when we retweet or when we want others to tweet us, Twitter uses a shorthand URL for all its services. All the URLs used there are almost short as they use own URL shortener.

Question & Answer

One of the very good ways to make your own brand is sharing your knowledge with people. People might also want to know you on the basis of your knowledge. There are few sites to choose from, so start with the one of that has most buzz around it at the moment. You can use forums of your niche too if you have more time. Sharing knowledge is very much required to make yourself a BRAND.

Social Profiles

You should be live. I mean people should understand it; you should be active on social networks. It is very necessary to create an online brand. Here I have listed few websites where you must have to create your presence and yes you should be alive there.

  • About Page
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Google Profiles (Blogger, YouTube and many more)
  • Twitter Profile
  • Digg Profile
  • Disques Profile


Participating in meetings is another very excellent way to build your own brand because it builds you network. Sharing knowledge with your partners and other associates will also help you in gaining popularity and name and fame. There are various online tools available for gaining popularities through meetings. Below are two such tools which I am going to share with you.

  • Meetup
  • Plancast

Social Email Signature

Whenever and wherever you are sending an email to anyone, try to use a very nice creative social network signature. So whenever anyone reads your email can catch you and your brand. It’s the must required to gain popularity. Catchy signatures could also make people interested to know more about you.

Guest Posting

I love guest posting and hope you are also doing guest posting. Guest posting is another very decent way to build your own brand online. If you are not doing so then first you need to search the blogs in your areas, I mean in which you are expert and your niche. Then pitch them specific ideas for posts. Each blog has its own methods, styles and focuses so make sure to tailor your pitches to each outlet. Sometimes depending on bloggers, you may have to show some samples.

This will drive traffic to your website from the blog reader where you had guest posted. But all depends on your quality of blog post too, as the content is always the king of Blogs. Blogging through guest posting is one of the common methods via online to gain popularity and get a link on your name.

Virtual Business Card

Building your BRAND in the virtual world is very much required. To build your business brand online, I think you need to create a virtual business card so that it’s easy for people to find you and share your information with others. This will enable you to get many more contacts than the expected one. This will also help you to reach out to maximum people fastly as possible. You can use any of the following business card: MiniCard, QR Code, Bump etc


This is one of the vital ways to build the online business brand. Sending out the monthly newsletter will allow you to build your vast network. If you share valuable content with subscribers and your followers, they will definitely share it with their friends too, which in result again bring you more subscribers. Depending on the quality of your work, your list can continue to increase too.

There are many newsletter subscriptions available under various websites like the popular Aweber or MailChimp. These services provide daily, weekly, monthly newsletter depending on the user’s customizations.

Eat with influences

Haha…You might be laughing at me. But yes this is a little new idea and till now limited in New York city, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. The opportunity to grab a meal with other potentially influential people is within grasp. Nowadays it’s a little easy to set up networking means through online tools like “Let’s Lunch” and “GrabWithUs”

I hope these tips and ideas would help you to grow more and more and will be able to create your online brand that could resist in online ever and ever. For more of these innovative ideas, keep in touch with you or subscribe our RSS Feeds or Email Newsletter Subscription.