Top 10 tools to make you a successful Blogger

Just look around you and I am sure you will find a number of bloggers moving everywhere helplessly to get a good and effective blooging tool. But you need not to worry about that now. Let me share some of my favorite blogging tools with you. I know that you might be aware of many of these, but checkout how many you have practically implemented.

Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop

Whenever I need to edit an image, I depend on these two. I use MS paint for minor adjustments and rely on Photoshop for major graphical changes. Though its your choice whichever you want to use, or you are habituated with, out of several other image editing software, these two are the leaders here.

Windows Live Writer

It helps you to create impressive blog posts just similar to a professional blogger. By applying it you can post in blogs of any of your favorite service providers.


This is very effective for tracking your RSS subscribers. Yes tracking! Not only extending your blog feeds, but also know how many people are actually utilizing them and also keep touch with them.

ShareThis or AddThis Widgets for Social Networking and Bookmarking

Sharing is caring. These lovely buttons help you out to speak up your mind within the blogosphere in an impressive and smart manner. Magically these help your users to spread the word which you had spoke.


No need for any introduction, isn’t it? YouTube videos give you relief form boring regular images that you learnt to put in your posts just instead of long paragraphs to break the monotony on reading. As the tagline says, expressing through it is a real joy.

Microsoft Word

It’s like the old grandpa of the family whom you can’t ignore. It’s the perfect writing tool for all, though you have lots of plugins in your WordPress to virtually simulate this environment. Trust me on this, you should use it if you want to have a class for your blog.

Google AdWords

The Google AdWords allows you reach a particular geographical level. This tool also gives you the best chance to track your keywords. So bloggers generally prefer it so that they can keep proper pace with Web Trends.

Google Analytics

Tracking visitors’ flow by applying the Google Analytics is very simple and authentic. It also gives the capability to find out the unique hits, popular search keywords, high valued pages in your blog, top entry and exit points etc including geographical statistics. Thus it works like the blogs’ mirror.


It is the best free Blogging application available in the market. It can be easily optimized for a site that has heavy traffic flow and its versatile list of useful plugins make it more powerful. This is a vital characteristic of WordPress.


Aweber offers efficient email marketing system. Perhaps it’s not the cheapest but it’s obviously more efficient than similar service providers.

That’s we call a blogger’s kit. Use the tool once, I bet you will feel the difference. Let me share you another secret with you – beside, the above mentioned ones, I also use tools like Tubemogul, VodPod, Sendible, PollDaddy, and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

So what do you think of this list? Or have I missed out anything important?