Top 3 Wallpaper changing apps for Android Phones

Wallpapers are a way of making phone look attractive and catchy and with the phones having screen size of more than 3.5 inches, wallpaper becomes a necessity.

Android Phones have up to 5 home screens and to decorate them you need wallpapers with the option of getting changed automatically after sometime to keep the screen refreshing. So, here is the list of top 3 apps for wallpapers management for an Android phone.

1. Wallpaper Switch

People always think of changing wallpapers by going within files and then change according to their thinking. Instead of going through within files, we use an application within android phone which is the wallpaper switch. It’s found that many types of wallpaper are present within Wallpaper switch easily gives link to directly to SMS, email, Facebook and much more. The switching is also meant to make rotations within the devices. The devices can have on their own these applications to rotate into any directions according to their ways either in clockwise or anti-clockwise respectively.

Wallpaper Changer

3 Best Wallpaper Changing Apps for Android Phones

Through this application, you can pull out some types of wallpapers within your folders and can utilize on those which the user manages. You can also add the folder of image to wallpaper rather than selecting from gallery. And make sure about switching and then changing will grab the looks of display. The wallpaper changer also causes a look of some wallpaper changes within the wallpaper created inside it respectively. It also works well with the higher versions of Android phones.

Wallpaper Change At

You can think of creating some wallpaper as reminder apps too. All the times you can’t commit to memory of alarms so they use wallpapers at it. So the wallpaper can be used as to create birthdays and important notes to be done within the day. The wallpaper will discard on its own the feature of the note after the specific time respectively. This creates a good way of remember things on time. And always keeps close to the memories of your loved ones.

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