Top 4 iPhone And iPad Screen Guards and Protectors

Screen Guards are most significant accessories of iPhone’s / iPad’s. It protects your stunning device from scratches because even a single scratch on your expensive device may drive you crazy. These Screen Protectors also fill up 95% of existing scratches, thus improving the look of an already worn screen.

One of the major disadvantages of screen protector is that some screen protectors may lessen the clarity of devices. So you need to select the best from wide range of Screen Guards in the market. Here are few of the popular Screen Guards listed below which may help you to make a good choice for your iPhone’s / iPad’s.

1: Zagg Invisible shield Screen Protectors

Zagg Invisible Shield is the world’s first and finest apparent device protection, it not only protects the screen but it also protects the back and side as well. It is created from a sturdy original film exclusive to ZAGG and it is transparent and incredibly thin. This shield is designed mainly to match the contours of your device providing supreme scratch protection. It is highly durable and easy to install and is priced around $22.

2: Splash Masque Screen Protectors

The best cost-effective and convenient ways to protect your iPhone4 or iPad2 screen from scratches. It is made up of excellent quality of 3-layer PET film which is durable and reusable. The best of this is it can be removed when it becomes dirty and can be reinstalled after cleaning it carefully. Its price starts from $15 to $26.


3: The iVisor AG Screen Protectors

It is a sophisticated anti-reflective screen protector for iPad which is priced around $29.25. Moshi’s design and patented technology enables the iVisor AG to be installed in seconds without any air bubbles. It is absolutely washable and reusable, iVisor adheres only to the edges of the iPad’s screen which is easy to be removed.

4: Seidio Crystal Clear Screen Protectors

It comes with the front and back protector and it is not that expensive, priced around $11. Additionally it also comes with a cleaning cloth and an application card.  It doesn’t affect the retina display of iPhone 4 and the major drawback is that the smudges can’t be easily wiped off.

All four brands are manufacturing screen guards for iPhone as well as iPad.

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