Top 5 1TB External HDD Available in the Market to Buy

Geeks and those who work with computers will know well the importance of having your data saved and all of them knew that  the best way to backup is to have an external drive or more than one, actually. For this reason, we decided to make a list of the  Top Five External Hard Drives.

5. Verbatim USB Desktop Hard Drive 96571

Since 1969, Verbatim has striven to establish a brand founded on adding product value and being customer oriented. They endeavor to make quality data storage technology and back up their products with the best warranties on the market. Verbatim’s USB Desktop Hard Drive is one such product, a desktop external hard drive with a 1TB capacity and 480MB per second transfer speed you can find it by $100.00 USD . Quality workmanship can be found in the Verbatim USB Desktop Hard Drive. This desktop external hard drive stores large quantities of content, one terabyte worth, and has an impressive transfer rate. The drive automatically backs up your content and secures it with password protection and hardware encryption. Additionally, the drive itself is guaranteed under a seven-year warranty from Verbatim.

4. Iomega Prestige 34919

Looking sleek with its charcoal gray color and brushed aluminum finish and by a price of $79.79 USD, you can reach the Iomega Prestige desktop external hard drive which will add a modern touch to your office space. Whether vertical or horizontal, the drive will take up little room, and because of its small size you would never guess it is capable of holding up to 1TB of digital content. We were impressed with Iomega Prestige’s versatile design, large storage capabilities and free Protection Suite software. The Iomega Prestige desktop external hard drive has a fantastic storage with the potential to store quite a lot of content. It has an easy-to-use interface and even offers free, downloadable tools to help back up files. However, we wish it would have offered more security features and less software.

3. Toshiba Desktop External HDD PH3100U-1EXB

Toshiba may be known for their laptops, TVs and other electronics, but they are also behind a line of desktop external hard drives. These external hard drives are unique from the competition in their usage of an eSATA connection. In fact, Toshiba’s 1.0TB Desktop External Hard Drive comes equipped with both a USB and an eSATA connection and can transfer approximately 3GB of content from computer to drive per second it has also the perfect price for its great features $114.98 USD . We only wish this hard drive would have had a few more security features like built-in diagnostics, hardware encryption and a security slot.

2. Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB

Seagate is a well-known brand that stands behind its products with competitive warranties. The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex desktop external hard drive is one such product with a five-year warranty to its name. This drive secures your digital content with two different passwords,  automatically locks when disconnected from a computer and has a specific encryption folder for your most sensitive documents. It also has the capability of holding 1TB of content, a number so large, we’ll just say it is comparable to holding 16,600 hours of music, 320,000 photos or 250 DVD movies. If you’re looking for a desktop external hard drive with a price of $109.87 and great security features topping its priorities, you’re safe with the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex.

1. Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB

Western Digital has been a leader in the hard drive and solid state drive market for over 20 years. With a reputation like that it’s no surprise that the Western Digital My Book Essential has snatched up TGC Top Ten. Finding the perfect desktop external hard drive to meet your needs is a delicate balance of design, performance capabilities, security features and usability. Western Digital’s My Book Essential has equally weighted versions of each requirement, presenting a sleek façade packed with extras.

By $99.97 you can have one terabyte of storage is at your disposal to stuff full of music, photos and other documents, transmitted via USB 3.0 at 5GB per second, the fastest technology available today. Once content has been transferred to the drive, it is protected by hardware encryption, a secure password and a Kensington security slot. Additionally, automatic backup software updates your archives each time a change is made or a new file is saved. We’ve looked at a dizzyingly large number of USB external hard drives and believe us when we say that the Western Digital My Book Essential is the best desktop external hard drive on the market.