Top 5 Cases for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

When iPhone 4 was launched, it received a huge and phenomenal response. It broke all sales records within weeks of its release date. The 4th successor of Apple’s iPhone series had much new to offer and people welcomed it with great enthusiasm. The iPhone 4 has sleek, shiny and very stylish body designed perfectly to fit into hands of users. The use of glass and steel while designing its body make it stand apart from the rest of smart phones of its time.

The iPhone 4 is delicate piece of technology and has been built with utmost quality; thus it is very important to have it covered with body cover. The body cover not only protects the device from scratches and bruises but also comes handy in saving the device should it slip from your hands and fall down. But there are hundreds of types of cases are available in market, for which one you should go? Here we are, to help you choosing the right iPhone 4 case for you!

Speck Toughskin for iPhone 4 [Buy Now]

The Speck Toughskin for iPhone 4 is a heavy-duty protective solution provided by Speck for your device. When taken in hands, it feels like mini tank and even looks like one. The case provides protection from any kind of shock, scratches and other types of actions which could harm the beauty of iPhone. The Speck Toughskin for iPhone 4 has been created using dual layer technology and will cost you $39.95, but we should say, it’s totally worth it.


Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 [Buy Now]

Sometimes we demand something more than only protection from an iPhone case. For example, good extended battery solution. Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4 has been made keeping all these needs of a user in mind. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus provides a great case and battery combo for iPhone user. From all of such case/battery combo covers, this Juice Pack Plus by Mophie is probably the best you could find anywhere. The said case is very well built, covers iPhone perfectly and is available in all retail stores carrying a tag of $99.95.


Otterbox Defender Series [Buy Now]

If you are an iPhone user and using any protection solution for years, then probably you don’t need introduction to the Otterbox. The company is providing protection solution for various smart phones for quite some time now and this time it has designed a perfect one for iPhone 4. The case covers your iPhone in every way it can. For example, even home and volume buttons have also been covered to provide ultimate protection. You can pick one of these up for $49.95 from any retail stores.


Slider Case by Incase [Buy Now]

Although we don’t want to sound like we are endorsing this protective case by Incase, pardon us if seemly awe has crept in our words. The Slider Case provides very solid and reliable protection to your invaluable iPhone. The case is made up of quality plastic but still doesn’t add too much weight to your pocket. The case is available in various colors and thus it is pretty easy for users to choose one of their choices. The cover leaves enough space for headset jack and buttons and thus one can easily utilize its iPhone while the cover is on. You can get this Slider Case at just $34.95.


Snap case by Incase [Buy Now]

Although this case provides least protection of all 5 cases we have discussed, it is also least bulky of them. It is extremely thin, probably thinner than any of the 4 cases and thus is as lightweight as it can be. This case provides pretty amount f scratch resistance. Bottom and top of iPhone are kept wide open, providing you with unobstructed functionality. It may not provide the ultimate protection from drops or sudden impacts but it will make your iPhone total protection against scratching and bruising. The price of this case is $35.95 which is not much as compared to others.


Although we have managed to enlist only 5 cases from probably hundred of them, it is pretty tough thing to make choice about.  So keep this in mind that while buying a case, provide attention towards its protection, weight and look, let you examine any case from any company.