Top 5 Facebook Instant Messengers

With Facebook revolution at peak, people are always looking to get some social networking and instant chat tools that works with Facebook on their mobile devices. Here’s a list of best five Facebook instant messengers that can be used on various platforms such as Windows, iPhone and Android.

1. Chit Chat for Facebook

Simplicity and ease of use, are two most important features of Chit Chat for Facebook. The application is very light and can be used with your Facebook account for getting lightening, quick status updates and other notifications. You can also manage your buddy list easily with Chit Chat for Facebook and reviews suggest that it’s far better way to chat with your friends than Facebook’s own messenger. Want to have one? Download it for your desktop.

2. eBuddy

It is one of the most popular mobile messengers available for free and now you can also access its services online, without having to download any messenger. Best feature of Ebuddy is that it allows users to log in with several accounts of same chat service. With this amazing feature, you can log in to, two or more accounts of say Facebook, Yahoo or Gtalk messengers.

Managing friends list and creating avatars from your camera phone are other great features offered by this messenger. Just download one from original site and enjoy chatting on multiple accounts.

ebuddy logo

3. Meebo

The web based chat service is one of the most popular among its competitors and offers download-free, browser-based access to your Facebook friends list and chatting facilities. Most impressive features of Meebo include great emoticons and cool interface. Also, you can log in to other messengers like Yahoo and GTalk while you chat with your Facebook buddies. The only problem with Meebo is that it’s still in Alpha stage and needs some work, before it can provide seamless service. Get your meebo messenger here!

4. Yoono

Yoono offers all regular instant chat services that you may ask for, in multi-messenger software. As Yoono is available for download on Windows and other platforms, it provides great ease of use for newbies. Yoono is recommended for first time users of such instant chat messengers as it is extremely simple to use and feature-packed. Facebook chat is the best feature of Yoono as the service provides instant status updates and notifications along with chat messages from your friends.

An important feature of Yoono is that it also works from USB device and has a browser plugin with which you can chat with your Facebook mates from web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It’s very simple to download and install yonoo on your desktop.

Yonoo logo

5. Digsby

It is one of the most versatile instant messengers of all, offering various services including Facebook, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN and others. Just like Ebuddy messenger for mobile, Digsby also allows you to log in to multiple accounts at the same time you can enjoy a  video chat with your e-buddies. One of the best features of Digsby is that, it integrates chat history with its messenger service very well. You could dig up your chat history with any of your friends with just a couple of clicks.

Although innovative, there are some problems with Digsby’s Facebook messenger service as not all emoticons can be seen by Facebook users. Download digsby messenger following after selecting OS you are using.

Digsby Messenger logo

With any of these 5 messengers installed in your system, chatting with your Facebook friends is no longer complicated. Any other messenger that we have missed here? Update us by writing about it in comments.

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