Top 5 Funny Games for Android

Have too many games and apps on your Android phone? After a week of research on Android games, I’m here now with 5 best Android games app which you will definitely like. So let’s begin the countdown.

5. Jet Car Stunts

The release wasn’t that long ago and now is an award winning among the top adrenaline rush, 3D driving game. This cool game keeps you in air with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, spiral roadways and many more.

The app is available to you in free version where you will be limited to 8 insane tracks and also in paid one with 36 more tacks to ride. And also

Jet Car Stunts features:

  • Smoothest, fast game play
  • Smash Physics.
  • Multiple player modes.
  • Jet assisted drift handling.
  • Half car, half jet with in-air control surfaces.
  • Upload replays with your best times.

Price: $2.12

4. Yoo Ninja Plus

Yoo Ninja is a fast-paced gravity game, In Yoo Ninja Plus, you have to run through four different worlds, dodging darts and gaping holes in the Earth to survive. Guide the player to a neck and neck into the strange world of gravity. Relive your dream as ninja, diving into the game.  the game has  different gaming modes, and includes a story mode to keep things exciting.

Yoo Ninja Plus features:

  • Simple but fun one touch arcade game
  • Story mode, 30 different levels
  • Endless mode, enjoy the fun more
  • Fun ending

Price: free

3. Guns n glory

This is a “Wild West tower defense” type of game where your mission is to stop the settlers coming through the canyons with variety of units. The game includes different types of gunners, dynamite chucklers, flame arrow shooters, cannons, and Gatling gun. Take up a smart, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train. Guns’n’Glory has a decent amount of levels and will certainly keep you entertained for some time. I’ve found this to be one of the most addictive games on Android so far.

You can download the game as free or full paid version. The difference is various ads interrupt in free version and you find additional 5 different locations in paid version.

Guns n glory Features:

  • Upgrade bandits to 3 levels
  • More than 10 types of enemies and units
  • Bonus chests for gold nuggets and power-ups

Price: $1.41

2. Angry Birds Rio

The game Angry Birds, loved by millions of people turned to be a very popular game on android platform and because of its popularity the game was developed for other famous platforms also. The game play is simple, destroy the greedy pigs fortresses! Now its sequel Angry Birds Rio is in effect. And the story runs like, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Where some managed to escape, want to take revenge over the pigs and set other birds “Blu and Jewel” free.

Angry Birds Rio Features:

  • The game pair the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the film “Rio”.
  • Four fantastic episodes with 105 exciting levels.
  • Includes spectacular boss fight.
  • Special Hidden fruits – discover them all.

Price:  free

1. World War

World War Android Game is a fantasy role play, Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War Game! Where more 2.8 million players join and Battle other players LIVE! And the theme is, Year 2012. A nuclear war has broken out. 5 countries with major superpower have emerged in the Great War. Which one will you be?

Initially you start as a soldier and work your way up the ranks completing military missions assigned to you. Increase your reputation and rank by attacking other World War players, buying Units; military personnel, bunkers etc. Difficulty increases as you go on advancing the levels. So use your cash and Honor points wisely.

World War features:

  • FREE updates with new missions, units, buildings, and more.
  • Invite friends to join your army by sharing your code.
  • Enjoy gorgeous graphics
  • Get real time updates

Price: Free.